1. yalimart

    Change Email address

    Earlier today I changed my email address that is registered on the forum, the system sends you a confirmation email to your new email address which in my case it didn't, it didn't go into spam and I tried the resend option a number of times, I used the contact button to report this as I was...
  2. Tenpin

    GoDaddy wins our 2020 award for most evil company email

    The domain registrar tricked employees into thinking they earned a bonus. What’s the cruelest prank you can make on employees who are struggling during a global pandemic when millions of people have lost their jobs...
  3. G

    Phone question & Vodafone UK charging £6 per day

    :hmm:Please Can anyone tell me wheather I should get contract or pay monthly sim for my phone and which one to get and how much should I look at paying.
  4. S

    Yahoo email

    Anyone having probs with yahoo / sky email Mine has been down across 3 separate devices since yesterday
  5. G

    Visa and BTinternet email address problem (Aug.2019)

    I'm currently in England. I tried to obtain evisa (via for myself and Galaxy Boy in advance a forthcoming visit to Turkey. We have email addresses (more than one!) but having inputted all the information from our passports, we could not receive the email...
  6. A

    no post invitation just email invitation to owner meeting

    Owners managed to take over the management of our complex in 2017. We are a small site of 16 properties. Mixture of nationalities. No owners live at any of the properties, hence, all communication is done by email. This included the invitation to the owner meeting the following year in 2018...
  7. Struggs

    Help - Google email account disabled

    I have received an email from google, (in Hotmail account) regarding a security alert. I googled this first to see if it was genuine and apparently it is a scam. But in my case this appears to not be the case, as my account has been disabled. I tried another device and browser but could not...
  8. M

    Yahoo Email Account

    Yesterday I decided enough was enough with the wanky Outlook. So I opened a Yahoo mail account. As my first task was to put in all the many folders I have in Outlook to accept incoming mail, I left this (long job) for today. When I opened my Yahoo account this morning, all the folders had...
  9. M

    Outlook email

    I was "forced" into using this "service" when Orange stopped their email service in May 2017. I have had nothing but trouble with it since. But I have persevered, thinking it would be okay in the end. I set up numerous folders for the regular emails I receive. All went well, then about two...
  10. mamish

    Scam email

    Just received this email. It comes from this address: nore-ply "Good day, I do not presume to judge anyone, but as a result of several cases, we have touchpoint since now. I do not think that caress oneself is very ill, but when all your acquaintances see...
  11. yalimart

    Email Problems

    I am aware of people with BT email accounts having problems with the Turkish e visa problem, we always use a gmail account for that reason. Last night I booked some flights on Turkish Airlines, by this morning I still hadn't received the e mail confirmation to my Btopenworld account but had to...
  12. christella

    What does this mean it came to me by email

    saat 9.12 de hesaba havale yapan site sakini adını ve ev numarasını maile yazabilir mi?Yöınetimf
  13. S

    Sky/Yahoo email

    Anyone else having problems with Sky/Yahoo email? Mine seems well ballsed up across different devices
  14. L

    Easyjet email add.

    Anyone got an email address for Easyjet customer services,TIA
  15. Jaycey

    Is email obsolete?

    I have been scorned for continuing to use email & Skype rather than Viber – is Viber the direction in which the world is moving? I’ve fiddled with Viber with no great success. Installed it on my PC now the b*** thing is bitching because I don’t have Viber on my phone fgs! But not to worry, our...
  16. TNT123

    Best E-Mail reply yet.

    I Wish I Worked With This Man...He's Hilarious.
  17. J

    Garanti bank Didim email address

    Can anyone help with this please . I have emailed several times to the address I have for Fatma but am not getting any response. From what I can gather online there is now a customer relations manager named Pinar Dal Tas. Does anyone have her email address please ?
  18. barry budd

    reply to e-mail sent about visa

    From: visa Date: May 09 2016, 04:13 PM Subject: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey [reqID=0558b0a8-755b] Show full header MİNİSTRY OF FOREİGN AFFAİRS OF THE REPUBLİC OF TURKEY Dear Barry Budd, As the legislation proposal...
  19. Jaycey

    Testing email

    I have a friend in Malta with a Yahoo email address who tells me that his emails to me in Ukraine are being rejected. His mails to me on Gmail are received here OK and my emails to his Yahoo account are being received OK. 1. Can any of our geeky friends perhaps explain why this is happening...
  20. D

    Can't log on to ttmail email account.

    Is anyone else having problems logging on to ttmail email accounts? Jan's account stopped working 2 days ago, attempts to log on resulted in an incorrect password message - it wasn't, her password was saved on 5 different devices, and all failed to log in at the same time. Today, my account...
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