1. S

    Elvis Presley in court over knife crime

  2. juco


    Apparently previously unreleased clip of Elvis, he died 2 months later. He certainly looks ill but the performance looks emotional. However I wonder if mimed (check at 3.09) maybe not. Elvis Presley - "Unchained Melody" - With Never Seen Before Intro
  3. ted j

    Elvis doing a duet with Celine Dion 2009!

    After reading Arrian's post about Freddie Mercury at the closing ceremony of the olympic games , if they do as good a job as American Idol did , it should be really good Elvis Presley & Celine Dion duet : 1968 - 2009 - YouTube
  4. P

    Elvis lives

    We went to a bar in Gumbet,we had enjoyed for a few years now and got to know some of the regular staff.We asked if Elvis was still there and were told that Elvis had been killed last year in a motor bike accident.On making further enquiries locally we found that this was not true and in fact...
  5. R

    my pal elvis

    if anybody comes across my pal paul aka elvis in and around fethiye say hello to him and try to see his act.he has just moved there with his son sean and i hope he does well there entertainin folks but seriously good friend of mine and since i raved about the area he has took the plunge and...
  6. Andy

    Elvis's 30th Anniversary

    One of the all time greats that no-one can forget. See the history of Elvis Here celebrating this the 30th Anniversary of his death http://music.aol.co.uk/specials/elvis-30th-anniversary/article/20070813070609990001
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