1. C

    Queen Elizabeth sinking

    Now before the IRA supporters get all excited, its HMS Queen Elizabeth - the ship, not the person. Its been reported that Britains latest ship, named after her Majesty, has sprung a leak! A seal has gone in a shaft at the front of the vessel, letting in 200 litres of sea water per hour...
  2. Freedom 49

    Happy 90th Birthday to Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

    A fabulous photograph here of our Queen with her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren along with a few other memories. Wishing Queen Elizabeth 2nd. a Very Happy 90th Birthday. The Queen's 90th birthday marks release of 3 poignant portraits | Daily Mail Online
  3. hijo

    Queen Elizabeth

    ....watched her docking this morning 8am...
  4. juco

    Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth

    And of course she is sympathetic regarding the austerity measures that affect the working / middle class. “Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth.” Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600...
  5. bickern

    world's oldest living man - 62 when a young Queen Elizabeth 11 ascended to the throne

    Carmelo Flores Laura who has reached the ripe old age of 123. The cattle herder, from the mountain village of Frasquicia, 50-miles outside the capital La Paz, is as fit as a butcher’s dog, walks without a stick and doesn't wear glasses. I feel really happy for him, he lost his wife 10 years...
  6. L

    Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

    Just got home from the Thames Pageant Cold Wet but in one word GREAT, now to look forward to 3 weeks time when I will be in sunny Alanya
  7. P

    Elizabeth Taylor.

    Elizabeth Taylor has died. Sky News - Showbiz News: The latest UK and international media news, features and video
  8. D

    Queen Elizabeth II to Visit Turkey

    Queen Elizabeth II to Visit Turkey (from International Property Agents website) It has recently been announced that Queen Elizabeth II will visit Turkey in May 2008. Hurriyet; a Turkish news website announced the news earlier today, saying that the exact dates the Queen and her husband...
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