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    bike rack electrics problem

    Apologies for the non Turkish flavour of this thread but I am hopeful one of the members will be able to help me out. I am leaving for a 2 week trip around Cornwall tomorrow in the motorhome and as usual I went to attach the bike rack onto the vehicle towbar. One indicator working - the other...
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    Auto electrics

    Hi all, does anybody know of a good auto electrician? I have a load of new dials sent over from the states and had them fitted by my normal guy but they are not working correctly, have spoke to a couple of more electrical lads and they cannot do them either!! so at the moment I am at a bit of a...
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    Having a holiday home, taking electrics out, then living there?

    Hello Just bought a place in Akbuk. Going to use it as a holiday home for now and hopefully move out there fulltime next year sometime. I have things I will be taking out there in my suitcase each time I have a hol there. Clothes and bed linen and towels and I have a kettle, sandwich toaster...
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    Aircon electrics

    Hi does anyone know if when you have aircon installed...should there always be a small electrical breaker swith fitted along side...or can the unit be wired direct into the small round wall plates that cover the electrical junction boxes...thank you.
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