1. Tenpin

    News Government to abolish public TV share from electricity bills

    Government to abolish public TV share from electricity bills https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/government-to-abolish-some-fees-from-electricity-bills-169245 The Turkish government has decided to remove two fees from consumers’ electricity bills that will help millions of households spend less...
  2. C

    How much is a unit of electricity?

    Hi can someone let me know how much a unit of electricity is/ We have been getting some monster bills like 1600tl for one apartment for one weeks occupancy and they don't make sense. BUT we don't know how much its gone up since 2019 with inflation Thanks
  3. M

    Electricity off-peak hours

    Is there any off-peak hours (hours when electricity price is lower) for electricity in Turkey? For example, in Canada it's cheaper to run the washing machine / dishwasher between 7:00 pm to 8:00 am and on weekends.
  4. A89

    electricity refund

    Someones told me that when you sell an apartment here you should get a 200tl refund from Electricity company. Does anyone know if thats correct? alison
  5. M


    Probably not the right place - but I need help! The light fitting on my landing kept blowing either the bulb or the bulb and the fuse. Oh, sorry this is in the UK. After taking the lamp holder apart, I discovered that the pins the light bulb makes contact with were all wobbly. So I decided...
  6. S

    Electricity prices

    A down side of telling ex Pat's here about wonderful Turkey is I then get asked a lot about current prices for food electricity etc of which I am totally out of touch I appreciate this varies a lot but for say a 3 bedroom normal house set up what are monthly running costs for electric thesedays
  7. K

    Gas & Electricity Prices up again.

    A third rise in prices for both domestic and industrial consumers was announced today October 1st. The triple tariff overnight banding charges will be higher than the single tariff rises. A commentator said that rises announced on the first day of a month are not taken into account for...
  8. S

    Electricity rise ?

    Hi All, I have just received a message from my management company informing me that the electricity will be going up tomorrow by 9 percent? Anyone else aware of this ? Regards Soulsoles
  9. A

    No electricity because of the local cat ...

    We had a very unfortunate incident yesterday at my complex of Mirage Residence. The local black and white cat jumped into the electricity box and frazzled herself to death, at the same time knocking out all the electricity on the site. The cat was taken away - luckily I did not see it myself but...
  10. IbrahimAbi

    Electricity consumption soars as Turkey abandons Winter Time

    You can't get it right all the time:- Turkey’s electricity consumption surged sharply in November due to the country’s move to ditch the winter time system, despite a slight slowdown in the economy and moderate weather conditions Electricity consumption soars as Turkey ditches winter time...
  11. T

    Changing names on the Electricity Bill

    Hi, we would like to change the name on our Electricity Bill to our names, which Aydem office in Fethiye do we need to go to and what is the location. Also what documents should we take, Electricity Bill, Tapu & Passports?
  12. L

    1,2,3 Electricity tarrifs

    Can someone advise what the timings are for the various tarrifs,from when to when.
  13. BjornAndMahnaz

    Water and electricity transfer

    Hi We have baught a freehold house from Oracle propery developers in Akbuk and they have told us that when we transfer the ownership the water and electric the respective authority will read the old meter and ask us to pay it. I would have thought, the old owners would pay up untill the...
  14. S

    Mysterious Electricity Consumption

    Dear All Hes anyone had experience of electricity usage while their property is empty? Aydem have just removed a significant sum via direct debit but the property has been empty since last year ... meter switched off etc etc. Any ideas/advice would be appreciated. One option is to cancel the...
  15. S

    Paying Electricity Bills

    Hello forum Has anyone any information about paying electricity bills, a friend asked me to pay his and I’m unable to pay it. The chap at the post office says it is a new directive and bills can no longer be paid at bank, post office or internet unless the owner of the property has been to...
  16. G

    Electricity Prices 2015

    We're in the Galaxy 2-sitesi in Alanya. Electricity charges appear on Garantibank statement as "AKEDAS" but we canno understand the paper bills the meter reader leaves us. Can anyone please tell us what we will be paying for electricity and whether the the price of electricity is different at...
  17. S

    No electricity to house!

    Hi all, don't know if anyone can help here but we have just been told by our neighbour that Aydem have put new posts up in our garden for the electricity supply, apparently we have no say in this being done or where they go! Now to top it off they won't connect it to the original meter as it's...
  18. suzyq

    9% increase in gas, electricity prices

    Electricity and natural gas prices will be increased by 9 percent as of next month, Turkey's Energy Minister Taner Yıldız said on Tuesday. Speaking at a press conference, Yıldız said the government has not increased energy prices for the past 24 months but that the lack of sufficient...
  19. R

    Complex water and electricity

    We have a situation where the management company have taken our management fees and the water into the complex which feeds the pool and waters the gardens has been cut off, we have been up to the council offices who were unable to help us as we can not find a visible meter, also we are concerned...
  20. niamh

    Electricity costs

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this bill sounds 'right'. We have a 15m by 1.3m deep pool, only 2 villas on site. Our neighbour does all the maintenance and the deal is we split costs 50:50. Our first electric bill for the pools summer debut is 48tl (so 96tl total). The pool was...
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