1. G


    Just purchased a Vills in Calis can anyone recommend a good electrician?
  2. Justin

    English speaking electrician Didim area

    Could anybody recommend an English speaking electrician either Altinkum or Akbuk. Thanks
  3. S

    Electrical Contractor/ Electrician Wanted Didim/Akbuk

    Good Electrician Wanted Didim area Our site is seeking quotes for substantial electrical work to satisfy essential health and safety requirements. If, from personal experience you have had a good reliable contractor then I would be pleased to have their contact details. Thank you.
  4. E

    Electrician needed

    Does anybody know a good one who is firm in bathroom installations and speaks good english? We need someone to advise us on a bathtub/water heater and really need somebody who understands the problem.
  5. S

    Need a mover and an electrician

    Anyone know of a good moving company or someone with a truck (err, lorry) to move some furniture and appliances from one flat to another in the Gumusluk area? The flats are less than 10km apart. The biggest items include a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, two couches, two beds, and a wardrobe...
  6. N


    Can anyone in Turgutreis reccomend a good reasonably priced electrician?
  7. C

    Gumuskaya - Electrician

    Need a recommendation for an electrician to do a few small jobs i.e. replacing light fittings etc. Preferably someone from the Gumuskaya area that has a little English. I've posted under 'Electricity' but thought I'd better put it in here also to increase my chances!
  8. M


    Hi Could anyone recommend an electrician? We had our villa earthed last year as we kept getting electric shocks and everything has been good until today when they have started again. Thanks in advance Julie x
  9. bickern

    Christian electrician wins battle to display cross.

    Christian electrician wins battle to display cross in his van Read more: Christian electrician Colin Atkinson wins battle to display cross in van | Mail Online Common sense seems to have prevailed, but what I find annoying is how other religeons were allowed to display their faith (rightly)...
  10. S

    Electrician for electricity meter

    Does anyone know of an independent electrician in the Alkinkum area that I could seek out and ask to look at my electricity meter – (for those of you who don’t know what I am going on about – please seek out the thread “TEDAS nightmare…..” - thanks you for the replies to this thread, they were...
  11. Phil Johns

    Electrician Didim

    Can anyone supply me with the contact details of a competent electrician prefer a Brit/Irish in Altinkum/Didim area. for a "few little bits of helping out" in anyone is thinking of Rob he informs me he has retired. :help:
  12. P

    Daily rate for a UK electrician??

    Does anyone know the going daily rate for an UK electrician? More specifically an electrician in the London area? I ask because I called one out the other day to do a fairly big job (replace fuse board with new consumer unit) and the guy said it would take 2 people three and a half days to...
  13. immac


    I have found an excellent electrician who works in and around Fethiye. He is an Electrical Engineer by profession. Unlike other electricians I have used he actually has tools, speaks perfect English, obviously knows what he is talking about and did a great job for me at a very good price. He...
  14. peter the postie

    Electrician wanted

    Does anybody have the contact number of an english speaking electrician in Altinkum? Our leccy meter has gone kaput and I'll need it replacing when next out (beginning of next month).
  15. Pennie


    We have found an electrician who is fantastic. He is a kiwi called Marc and he lives in Akbuk. His phone number is 05363073470
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