1. K

    Electrical appliance safety

    How confident are you that electrical appliances that you buy anywhere are totally safe? That includes, online, in a shop, a market stall, and manufacturers' retail outlets.
  2. A89

    electrical advice pls

    I know this isnt anything to do with Turkey but would someone please give me advice on this? This is an outside light that hasnt worked for years and I'd like to take it down. Some of the wires visible there are to another motion activated light, the one I want to remove has been hanging off the...
  3. S

    Electrical Contractor/ Electrician Wanted Didim/Akbuk

    Good Electrician Wanted Didim area Our site is seeking quotes for substantial electrical work to satisfy essential health and safety requirements. If, from personal experience you have had a good reliable contractor then I would be pleased to have their contact details. Thank you.
  4. A

    Electrical problems

    Just be told the electrics on the top floor of our duplex Are not working. A friend has been round who knows a little bit about electrics , but no joy so far. So looking for someone with the right testing gear to locate the problem. We are Up by the uni (sahte cennet)
  5. Gazarra

    Anybody Need to buy any tools or electrical appliances.

    In the process of selling my apartment at the moment and have various electric drills,saws and other tools and some electric appliances(including a dehumidifier,several heaters,solar panel etc) to sell cheaply. I am coming out this month,just pm me if you are interested. Gazarra
  6. immac

    Electrical Safety - Ecosense

    As part of the installation process Ecosense do a free safety check of the electrics in any property. This weekend, in a nearby village, I went along to see what was being done. I am not an electrician, so forgive any errors in my technical description I may put here. We had been invited...
  7. S

    electrical items on flights

    Hi All, we were hoping to take a playstation with us to leave in our apartment, when we travel over to Bodrum at the end of August. In light of the recent security issues regarding mobile phones, ipods etc, we were uncertain if we could pack the playstation in our hold luggage. we are flying...
  8. S

    Quickie electrical query

    Would an electrical appliance bought in Turkey work ok ( with Euro to Uk plug) at home?????
  9. onz

    Paying for Electrical Changes???????????????

    this is an email off a college i know to john ,roger kath and barry As some of you may not know there has been numerous power cuts in Didim in recent weeks following heavy rainfall in the area (this has been highlighted in the voices newspaper in last 2 editions). So Aydem electrical...
  10. F

    Comet Electrical Warning

    I know this nothing to do with Turkey but hopefully it will save some of you money and heartache. Two weeks ago I bought a new microwave / oven / grill from Comet Walsall at a cost of £136, the microwave works no problem but last night I tried touse the oven, it did ot work, so I tried the...
  11. S

    funiture electrical items for sale

    :)we have loads funiture for sale, lovely settee, american fridge freezer, brand new beds, all good prices. free freeze, very cheap white fridge. :)get in contact quick before it all goes.
  12. C

    Cream coloured electrical appliances

    I'm thinking of replacing my white goods ( washing machine , dishwasher and fridge freezer ) Ideally I would now like them in a cream colour, however , I have only seen them in white or silver . If anyone out there has seen the cream coloured anywhere , please could they advise me where.
  13. D

    İs tax payable on non electrical household stuff

    İ am thinking of bringing some 'sentimental' type of household clutter to turkey -china etc--nothing electrical--how is it viewed by the turkish border tax people?
  14. B

    Electrical Problems.

    Hi to All. There has been a serious Electrical problem in at least several apartments in block B can anyone shed any detail on the cause and how much Oracle have been involved? Thanks, Brian & Margaret
  15. T

    buying electrical goods in Fethiye

    I've been looking at replacing my washing machine with a new Beko - and was horrified at the prices quoted - much higher than the same machines are in UK where they've come all the way from Turkey! Does anyone know the best place to buy? Local Beko shops? or is there anything like online...
  16. R

    Where Can I buy Electrical in Bodrum

    Hi there, I am flying out to Bodrum on the 9th June, and need to buy a few bits for my apartment in Bargylia. Where can I buy a hair dryer, hair straightners, and I would also like to get a filtered coffee machine like a Delonghi brand. I hear they are good. If its too difficult to get a...
  17. L

    Great electrical repairer

    Had a problem with our tv which we bought in the uk and shipped here 5 years ago. When moving it, it got dmaged recently and on/off switch broken. COntacted uk manufacturer ro be told we as individuals could not buy spares but a uk main dealer could. Contacted several all of whom neede the tv...
  18. mollag

    Electrical kit supply

    Does anyone know of an electrical equipment supply firm in the Bod area, thinking more like a wholesaler rather than Koc Tas. Looking for timers, mcb's, bus bars etc stuff the retail shops dont stock. Cheeers :blowkiss:
  19. P

    Electrical Goods

    Hi there,Would like to ask members about buying a television set we opted for buying our own furniture for our apartment on turquoise tuzla which we have done,the only major item left we would like to buy is a TV, having not trawled around the shops in bodrum to much would like some advice as to...
  20. G

    Electrical items wanted! new or used!

    Hi, I am looking to furnish an apartment and I am after: 1 aircon 12000 2 air con units 9000 1 tv 1 washing machine 1 fridge freezer. Anyone that can give me quotes or looking to sell, please let me know. Required urgently. thanks
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