1. Tenpin

    News Electric car sales may reach 4,500 units this year

    Electric car sales may reach 4,500 units this year https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/electric-car-sales-may-reach-4-500-units-this-year-175265 Extract: If the sales maintain their current pace in the coming months, electric vehicle sales may reach around 4,500 units, according to a business...
  2. S

    Battery for electric scooter

    Hello, Please can anyone tell me where I can buy a battery for my electric scooter, thanks in advance. Scott.
  3. W

    Solar panels for electric

    Hi everyone, happy new year. Is there a thread already started on solar panels for electric or can anyone give me some rough prices for supply and fit In the Didim area please.
  4. bickern

    Turkey's first indigenous electric car

    The prototype of Turkey's first indigenous electric car was unveiled on Dec. 26. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan thanked the creators of the prototype, "a professional team focused only on the task." "Today we witness Turkey's 60-year-old dream come true," Erdoğan said at a ceremony held in...
  5. F

    Electric immersion tank heater

    At the outset, Let me explain at the very outset that English is not my first language and therefore, please forgive the inevitable grammatical mistakes. Recently, we purchased an apartment which has three separate bathrooms. I believe the method used to heat up the water enabling one to take...
  6. C

    Electric Bike

    Anyone know of cycle shop in Fethiye, hisaronu or Kas that sells e bikes, and ball park cost. Thanks
  7. E

    Electric power at its best

    https://futurism.com/the-byte/electric-ford-f150-pickup-tows-rail-cars That is power.
  8. ScoobyZ

    Electric Bill (ELectric switched off)

    Hi I have had a couple of small Electric bills for my Holiday Home (first year of ownership) But we haven't been there since October. First was 10.56 Lira second is 25.90 lira. Any idea if there standing charge now? Company is AYDEM ESAŞ I tried to email but that auto replies and directs me...
  9. A

    Electric bike

    Has anybody purchased an electric bike in the dalaman area? A one where you can pedal aswell as use the electric? Any ideas of cost? Websites to look at?
  10. A

    Wanted Electric scooter

    Hi good morning everyone. I have not been on here for a while. Looking forward to our summer holidays In the house this year, not been for a while. Does anyone know of a electric scooter for sale please
  11. S

    Electric Scooter Regs

    Need an electric scooter and fancied the Kral KR-25 Ava 5000L. I was aware of laws being passed in 2014 which govern whether you need a licence, licence plate, and insurance etc. This scooter has a supposed speed of 55 kph. Can anyone tell me of the above requirements OR is there a better...
  12. H

    Wanted two seater electric scooter

    Our friends in Akbuk would like a 2nd hand two seater electric scooter. The type with a seat at the back for his wife. Thank you.
  13. R

    Council tax water and electric

    Help I have just moved to Turgutries from the uk. I am rentin a place from an agent. Do i have to pay council tax? Also how do i get water bills or electric bills or do i just take my tenancy agreement to the local council to pay. The electric is in my name which was done at the aydem by the...
  14. gally

    Buying Electric Scooter

    Anyone got any suggestions for places to buy an electric scooter/moped in the Manavgat/Side/Alanya region Thanks :34:
  15. B

    Gas & Electric Charges

    Hi All, I am coming out to Turkey soon and would like some information regarding heating and fuel current charges. I will need to have a supply of bottled Gas for my Combi Boiler due to a change in the supply of bulk fuel and I was wondering if there was a different rate and, or delivery cost...
  16. I

    Using an electric mitre saw

    Hi all, Does anyone know if I'm allowed to use a electric saw to cut wood during the summer season in Akbuk? I want to construct a wooden shed. I already have a concrete base. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  17. M

    Electric Log burner effect fire

    Hi All , we are very new to this Forum so please be gentle with us , we have a villa in Ovacik and was wondering if anyone know of a shop that sells electric effect wood burners for our fire place within the ovacik Fethiye area thank you
  18. suzyq

    Higher Electric Bills?

    The total amount of water collected in major Turkish dams decreased by 30 percent in the first five months of 2017 compared to the same period of last year, raising the prospect of increased electricity prices in the future, daily Habertürk reported May 31. The water collected in the first five...
  19. S

    Setting Up DD to Pay Electric Bill

    Am I correct in thinking that to set up a DD to pay electic bills to Aydem all I need to do is go into my bank with a copy of a bill or electricity account number and they will do the rest. We were switched over to Aydem last October from the local builders tarrif and it was too late to arrange...
  20. S

    Electric bills

    Probably been asked before but whats the score about other electric companies you will be able to use that will be in direct competition to Aydem ? I see Aydem are giving a 5% discount on bills if you sign up for two years but being a cynical old git I don't believe in free lunches
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