1. IbrahimAbi

    US Elections 2020

    I must admit Mitt Romney has got the courage of his convictions.
  2. S

    Turkish Elections

    Hello, My wife and I are moving to Kusadasi next year and wondered if the elections will effect us coming here, permits etc.thankyou.
  3. mollag

    Local elections.

    No exitement so far, a big MEH!, for Cons and Labs, Labour thrived in London but business as usual outside, musical chairs it seems. Lib Dems seem to have come out of the coma of recent years. UKIP though had the stake through the heart, no surprise there for most folk, I bet they look with...
  4. IbrahimAbi

    Elections in August 2018?

    Devlet Bahçeli, the leader of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), which has allied with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for next year’s general and presidential polls, on April 17 called for snap elections to take place on Aug. 26, with the government spokesperson not ruling out...
  5. Kingfisher

    Netherlands Election

    Wilders beaten in Dutch elections? According to exit polls. Dutch election exit polls: Mark Rutte's VVD party on track to win most seats after support for Geert Wilders drops off Dutch election exit polls: Mark Rutte's VVD party on track to win most seats after support for Geert Wilders drops...
  6. Kingfisher

    French Elections

    So whose bet is on whom for the next French President?
  7. Yalides

    European elections

    Is the liberal mainstream political scene going to get a shock from right leaning parties in upcoming European elections ?
  8. Jaycey

    US Presidential Elections

    Could Putin Leak Incriminating Hillary Clinton Emails As An October Surprise? House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is warning her colleagues that Russian hackers may release fake or doctored documents as part of an October cyber surprise to embarrass Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party...
  9. suzyq

    Live Updates for Turkish Elections

    Once again DHN and Today's Zaman are providing live coverage of today's election from start to finish. LIVE: Nov. 1 general elections - POLITICS LIVE: Turks head to polls in rerun of key parliamentary election The Supreme Election Board (YSK) has rejected requests filed by two individuals...
  10. IbrahimAbi

    Elections, just a reminder

    To those TLF members who are currently in Turkey. Turkish law forbids the sale of alcohol on election days . So if you are in need of stocking up, nip to the shops today.
  11. suzyq

    PKK says halts militant activity in Turkey until elections

    The outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) called on its fighters to halt activities in Turkey unless they face an attack, a news website close to the organization said Oct. 10, three months after it ended a two-year-old de facto cease-fire. Fırat news agency reported the head of the KCK, the...
  12. A

    1st November Turkish Elections

    Will Erdogan get in again? What is the consensus of opinion please?
  13. MiddleEarth

    Google could steal elections?

    We are in an age where we are all too busy or have at our fingertips, information that was unimaginable in the last decade of the 20th century. We no longer spend a leisurely Sunday reading The Times (NY or London). We glance at a headline, make a decision about what we think it means and jump...
  14. suzyq

    Live Updates for Turkish Elections

    LIVE: Turkey votes in crucial general elections - POLITICS
  15. T

    Turkey’s future: Erdogan, elections and the Kurds

    Turkey’s election campaign began to the sound of fireworks. The first flash came in late January when the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) announced that it would run candidates under the party banner instead of as independents. The move is bold because Kurds typically field...
  16. hayabusa

    UK Elections.........

    I have been voting nearly all my adult life, and was thinking why the young youth of today just don't bother and the mature citizens get angry also. Talking to a few people, I think the frustrations amongst the young voters(and me) is that there are too many promises by ALL the leading parties...
  17. suzyq

    Ottomans enter Turkish elections race

    Looking at the photos in the article I'm not sure it would sway me to vote for them just because they are all dressed up in Ottoman clothing. Weeks after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s “16 Turkish warriors” hit international headlines, several candidates have launched Ottoman-themed...
  18. juco

    Chilcot enquiry V elections

    They want to postpone publishing this until after the election for obvious reasons. Should it not be a case of postponing the elections until the enquiry is published.
  19. T

    Turkey has elections, but not democracy

    Interesting article This article is a response to a conversation between Richard Falk and Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, which took place on 28th September–see part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4. https://www.opendemocracy.net/bill-park/turkey-has-elections-but-not-democracy
  20. B

    European Elections.

    BBC News - In graphics: Big issues in European election European scepticism seems to be growing throughout Europe. The elections could prove to be very interesting, especially when you look at the charts relating to employment and non-employment in Europe. The youth...
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