1. A89

    elec items to UK

    Hi. Ive brought many electrical items from the UK and used them here but can anyone tell me if its safe to use items from Turkey in UK? Mainly small things, lamps, food mixer etc and also a landline telephone . alison
  2. Summertime

    Cost of elec and water connection

    Can anyone tell me, please, the real costs of connecting: 1 Power. 2 Water. And how much is the MC and translator Notary and Tapu office. Have been looking at Emlaks website, and they charge about 1100 pounds for this service, which must be extremely high cost compare to the real cost.
  3. altinkum kev

    No elec on 31.05.12

    Where it says central put Didim then press okay AYDIN ?L? PLANLI ELEKTR?K KES?NT?LER?
  4. immac

    Elec Shower

    I´m looking for a manufacturer/retailer that sells high power electric showers, perhaps up to 10KW. This must be available in Turkey. Ian
  5. D

    getting elec+water meters fitted

    does anyone know if and how you can get your own water elec meters fitted even if your complex has not got habitation cert we have got tapu but no hab cert yet and as i have heard many stories of builders not paying bills and apartment owners being hit with them i wanted to get my own...
  6. immac

    Elec Blanket - Where?

    My electric under-blanket seems to have given up. Which shops (in Turkey) stock these? I can buy on-line but they seem to be very expensive. Ebay is an option, but I want it fast. I don´t recall seeing them around - any ideas? Ian
  7. immac

    Elec Price Drop

    From Hurriyet news: "Turkey to cut electricity prices 1.58 pct for residential usage from April Electricity prices for industrial usage will be reduced 1.66 percent, while residential usage will be cut 1.58 percent as of April 1, the Electricity Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) announced...
  8. P

    Elec Iskan

    Now that we have just got our hab. license. Do I inform the elec board or does the council do this please to go on domestic rates.
  9. P

    My neighbour's strange elec address

    We are in a block of 6 aparts. 47 sokak. My neighbour's address is 820 sokak No.. on her electricity bill: Can someone tell me where 820 sokak is please?
  10. immac

    Elec Generator 119TL

    Bim supermarkets will be selling (next Friday - 30th) portable electricity generators for TL119. They are .75KW (max), 2 stroke with pull start. Obviously you can't run your house from this, but it will run the fridge during prolonged power cuts. Ian
  11. immac

    Elec Price Rises from Jan

    From Zaman: Electricity prices for households increase The Energy Market Regulatory Agency (EPDK) yesterday set new electricity prices for household and industrial use, presenting residential customers with another hike. The EPDK announced it would raise the price of electricity by 1.18...
  12. immac

    New Elec Meter-Cost?

    I want to replace my standard (in Turkey, not UK) electric meter with one that shows/charges the three different rates through the day. How much is such a meter? Are some makes better than others - more information, or whatever? Ian
  13. E

    Elec and water cut off

    I have an apt on a small complex. We have separate meters for each apt. The bills are in the name of the developer but we have each been paying them as they arrive. Las year in August i eventually got my Tapu. This week i have heard that the developer has now had the elec and water cut off as we...
  14. L

    Rented villa Elec Prob

    We have recently rented a villa in ovacik that was built about 4 years ago, we have rented of an english lady and have got a good term lease, we have noticed that both of the elec bills we have had have been expensive the last one being nearly 500 lira from the 12-12-07 to 26-01-08!! we have...
  15. lorraine

    Copy of Digital Elec. meter bill..

    Copy of electric bill and how to read a digital meter. So many members asking re electric bills. I hope the above helps. if I have missed anything and I will put right. Unlike the UK electricity bills are not posted, a reader comes to the property and a handheld machine spews out a...
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