1. bickern

    Two Pit Bulls Attack Elderly Man

    GRAPHIC CONTENT: Horrifying attack as pit-bulls tear man limb from limb in busy street SHOCKING footage shows the moment two pit-bulls go in for the kill, trying to tear an elderly man limb from limb. In the video, the pair of dogs tear at their bloodied victim as passers-by helplessly try to...
  2. suzyq

    An elderly woman confronts ISIS

    Very brave lady, wonder if she is still alive? Elderly woman filmed confronting ISIS militants and branding them 'devils' | Daily Mail Online
  3. T

    IS jihadists free 200 elderly Yazidis in north Iraq

    The Islamic State (IS) group released more than 200 mostly elderly members of northern Iraq's Yazidi minority Saturday who had been held for months, officials and activists said. The Yazidis were freed on the front line southwest of the city of Kirkuk and met by Kurdish peshmerga forces who...
  4. V

    Homes for the elderly

    I am posting this on behalf of a few elderly people living in the UK and Europe. Does any one know if there are any Council homes or by any chance privately run council homes being run any where in Turkey?
  5. arrian

    Elderly lady v swimming pool!

    one very lucky lady, and not lost her sense of humour! Elderly Woman Drives Car Into Swimming Pool - Yahoo!
  6. L

    Travel insurance for the elderly

    Still looking into mom coming to Turkey. Who would be the best travel insurance company for a 85 year old with no ongoing health complaints. Who do your relatives use please
  7. suzyq

    Gypsy gang 'deliberately drowned' elderly pony in lake in front of horrified families

    How can people do this A gang of gypsies deliberately drowned an elderly pony in a lake - in front of horrified fishermen and families. The group killed the animal by pushing its trap deeper and deeper into a popular Hampshire lake until it was completely submerged. A brave fisherman dived...
  8. G

    Cooking for the Elderly

    I´m going back to the UK to look after some relatives who are in their 90s, I dont have a clue what they like to eat, I´ve asked them and they said "anything" ! If anyone´s got any ideas please let me know.
  9. Yalides

    Who cares about the elderly.

    Damning report exposes the rising number of elderly killed by neglect in care homes | Mail Online Scary.
  10. ceemac

    Elderly Palestinian Secures Return Of Confiscated Land

    An Israeli court has ordered the return of 730 dunams (730 hectacres), of lands in the village if Khirbet Zakariya after years of dispute with the Israeli legal system. Here C
  11. S

    Elderly Care Debacle

    As someone whos mum was treated appalingly bad when it came to financing her elderly care I just cannot get my head around the new proposals being put forward by both Labour and Consevatives re the payment for elderly care homes The basic proposal is to make things "fairer" there will be £20k...
  12. arrian


    reported in the newspapers, a teenager on trial, was released when the ELDERLY witness collapsed in the dock. the age of the elderly witness??? 48!!!!! i don't know which to be more horrified at! and as i'm 61, if 48 is elderly, what am i, decrepit???? :17::hurt:
  13. D

    Care for the elderly

    Dear All, We have my elderly father-in-law living with us. Are there any establishments in the Fethiye/Kalkan area that anybody knows of that provide respite care for the elderly? We would love a week off? Cheers, Dickyb
  14. Martyn

    Flying elderly with Ryanair

    Has anyone flown Ryanair with an elderly passenger? I have looked on their website and you have to ring on a £1 a minute line to get information so I thought I would ask here first. We have a party of six flying Luton to Shannon for a long weekend in May but one of the passengers is 89 and not...
  15. jane2005

    Missing elderly white cat.

    I know this will be a real long shot but I need to ask. My cat went missing 3 days ago now. He is 12 years old and I have had him since he was a tiny kitten. He is all white, one blue eye and one yellow eye. He is wearing a red collar with a bell. He is microchipped but I know that dosen't mean...
  16. merlin

    Elderly Tourists Attraction to Geothermal Tourism....

    JTW News.... Turkey now has a new shining star in addition to its beautiful coasts and fascinating cultural heritage: Geothermal Tourism. Construction of 10 geothermal hotels continues in Afyon and Inegol. Similar investments have been made in Afyonkarahisar, Nigde, Fethiye, Cesme, and...
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