1. S

    Ducks from shop eggs

    Another happy story from lockdown
  2. bickern

    Kill the goose and you lose the golden eggs

    Stephen Rubin founded a massive sports and leisure group that now owns Berghaus, Ellesse, Mitre and Speedo, as well as part-owning JD Sports. Last year, he and his family, the biggest tax contributors in Britain, handed over £181.6 million in tax, which is £497,530 a day. They are, admittedly...
  3. juco

    TURTLE LAYS EGGS, altinkum beach

    Joy as turtle lays eggs on Altinkum?s main beach ? Voices Newspaper
  4. D

    Chocolate Creme Eggs....

    Is there no end to it they're mucking about with an all time beloved Crème Eggs :animation:animation
  5. yalimart

    Easter Eggs

    And this is how they are made Martin
  6. shirleyanntr

    serious question about eggs

    i have a dear friend here who has threatened me never to say her name on this forum when i tell little stories :hand: but i wonder if 'she' is right or wrong in telling me that eggs shouldn't be stored in the fridge. 'she' says..and 'she' was in catering for donkeys years...that eggs...
  7. S

    Prezzy Eggs???

    At our primary school at this time of year a local priest used to give Easter eggs to the kids who had been best behaved pupils all year Will Mushtaq be doing a similar thing on TLF?
  8. S

    Easter eggs

    As a kid I always wanted a Black Magic egg for Easter but my mum was always insistent that such eggs were only for adults????????? My bruv, loved white chocolate and always got Milky Bar egg What were your favs?
  9. Peaceplant

    Scotch Eggs

    Saw this on food channel and can't wait to try; Vegetarian Scotch eggs in 15 mins | Andy Bates Recipes | Starters Eggs - Professional recipe |
  10. essex_girl

    Buy one get two free Easter eggs

    Just been on to Tesco online to order my groceries for the weekend and they have an offer on some of the Easter eggs. Buy one for £2.50 and get two free!!! Max 12 per customer. I have ordered 12 cadburys buttons eggs. I will need to hide them and try to forget I have them so I don't eat them...
  11. S

    Easter eggs

    Hı can any one tell me ıf ı can buy easter eggs ın manchester aırport
  12. Raysalaff

    Rotten Eggs!!

    And Turkey wants to join the EU.....EU to ban selling eggs by the dozen: Shopkeepers' fury as they are told all food must be weighed and sold by the kilo | Mail Online
  13. KKOB

    Children Believe That Sheep Lay Eggs

    Eggs come from sheep, crisps are made of plastic and butterflies produce cheese - these are just some of the wrong answers given by children in a test of their knowledge of food sources, it was revealed. Children 'believe sheep lay eggs' - Yahoo! News UK
  14. arrian

    Maggie and eggs!!

    according to reports, Margaret Thatcher had a 2 week diet regime which included up to 28 eggs a week!! she also only had steak, certain vegetables and whisky.
  15. N

    Easter eggs

    Just seen a whole isle full of Easter eggs in our local super market. No milk, real eggs or bread though due to the weather. If we bought all our Easter eggs this early we'd have eaten most of them by Easter.
  16. L


    Just a silly question; Why are most Turkish eggs white??
  17. Sunny Seasider

    Easter Eggs

    As the coming of Easter approaches, we went to see my Mum-in-Law today and took her an Easter Egg filled with Choccies, one flavour on the list was Marzipan which she loves, we'd only been there for a little while and she opened it and duly ate her favourite and offered us 2 one, and I said "Oh...
  18. SuperBogs

    Thousands of people flock to B.C. website to watch bald eagle eggs hatch

    By Sunny Dhillon, The Canadian Press VANCOUVER, B.C. - The critters inside the eggs, mere days, if not hours from hatching, aren't the only ones with eagle eyes. Thousands of people from around the world are flocking to the website for B.C.-based Hancock Wildlife Foundation to watch live...
  19. A

    Easter Eggs

    Hi Does anyone know where and if you can get easter eggs in Turkey? Thanks Kelly
  20. P

    Free Eggs!

    OK, hear me out on this. I know there are many animal lovers out there so maybe this will be of interest to some of them who have the space, time and inclination to do it. These people are soon going to be liberating battery farmed...
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