1. bickern

    Latest Ege Eye

    Kusadasi Newspaper or others
  2. Lyndsey

    On the Ege

    An article on Didim, Turgutreis & Fethiye sending supplies to the Van earthquake victims. To all who made donations or helped in any way small or big - you made a difference.
  3. R

    Ege Jewellery Bodrum

    Hi Was wondering if anyone can help me. Long shot I know but I am looking for an email address for Ege Jewellery, in Bodrum. It is opposite the Akbank. I have tried t'internet but no luck. Thanks Sharon
  4. P

    Ege caddesi

    Where exactly is it?
  5. B

    Beer stores on the Ege Road???

    Hello and apologies for this seemingly strange post.... we fly into Altinkum tomorrow for a couple of weeks, and enjoy a beer or three whilst we dont have a car or access to one, does anyone have a phone number for any beer stores near to the Ege Road that will deliver a crate of...
  6. babsgood

    ege university hosptial

    Hi, I have to go to ege university hospital tomorrow and cannot find directions anywhere on internet, can anyone give me directions? I know how to get to Izmir and then I understand that the hospital is in Bornova near the university. hope someone can help.
  7. KKOB

    The Turkish word Ege

    Those of you that have shopped around Fethiye will no doubt have noticed the word "Ege" in a number of the company names i.e. Ege Boncuk, Ege Elektrik, Ege Pen etc. Ege is not the name of a local tycoon but is the Turkish word for Aegean !
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