1. R

    Draft Efes

    Is there anywhere in Dalaman offering draft Effes please ?
  2. yalimart

    Price of a pint of EFES in Surrey ?

    What's the going rate for a pint in your neck of the woods ? And they wonder why pubs are closing. Where is the most expensive place to buy a pint? (It's not London) Where is the most expensive place to buy a pint? (It's not London) Martin
  3. T

    Efes and the exchange rate.

    What are the prices like for beer since the increase in exchange rates (thinking Efes as that's my favorite)? Last time we were there the ex rate was 2.82 and Efes was aroung 6-8 Lira - I know that prices tend to alter to cater for the change in ex rates. Although we are AI this year we still...
  4. barry budd

    efes alcohol free

    do the bars sell alcohol free beer in turkey
  5. jandj

    Efes at Lidl

    Lidl are currently selling 500ml bottles of Efes for £1.49, a great bargain for Easter. Cheers everyone, Happy Easter
  6. A

    Efes Blues Festival in Antalya?

    Does anybody know the dates of the Efes sponsored Blues Festival in Antalya this year please? And how much is the entrance fee? I went to this about 6 years ago and it was a fantastic day out and not very expensive if I remember correctly - also with lots of food and beer stalls around the...
  7. Housemartins

    How much for efes?

    Yesterday in Lefkosa I bought a 4 pack of Efes for 8.45 TL thats just over 2.11 TL per bottle. How cheap are they in your area?
  8. S

    Efes 1 TL!!!!!!

    Knew that would get your interest Now then any craic- this place is dead
  9. Yalides

    Efes at Wetherspoons

    Went for a beer at our local Wetherspoons this afternoon and saw they had efes on at 2.75 quid for 50cl. Commented to the Manageress that it was the first we had seen it in UK, she asked if I wanted one and I declined with the words that having had to drink it for the past eight years in Turkey...
  10. A

    doubling price of efes

    there is no reason to profiteer with efes, it only costs 3.5tl in the shops, it's simple greed
  11. luckycat68

    Efes V Tuborg

    As Ibrahim has now started selling Tuborg I would like to start a poll on Efes V Tuborg -- but havnt a clue how to do it -- MODS help PLEASE:loco:
  12. teosgirl

    Autumn Fair, Grand Efes Swiss Otel

    I'd like to announce that the IWAI (International women's association of Izmir) are hosting an Autumn fair at the Swiss Otel, Palms Garden, Alsancak, on the 20th October 2012. This is a family event and will include lots of activities for both parents and children. The event will raise money to...
  13. T

    Efes bira

    Hi all, It has been a couple of years since our last visit to Turgutreis but can't wait to see what is new and meet good friends. Could anyone let me know the bar prices of Efes bira now? We are also looking forward to boat trips any recommendations on which boat? Thanks for your help.
  14. S

    Lemon Efes

    Tried Lemon Efes the other day for the first time Very good thirst quecher. 3.95 tl Migros
  15. C

    Efes parasol

    Hi all you lucky folks, we in england and REALLY want an EFES Parasol for our garden as a reminder of all the lovely holidays we have in Turkey. We are coming to Ovacik in July and would be really really grateful if someone knew of or could find out for us how we can get hold of one while we are...
  16. Yalides

    Advertised 50cl efes prices

    In Yalikavak so far the advertised efes 50CL bottle prices we have seen so far are... Key`f 4TL Alma 5TL Morgul 5TL Dede 6TL Mojitos 6TL Do add to the list so we all know what everyone is charging to date. Nothing to do with food quality or situation.
  17. N


    what is the charge for efes in didim this year at present time .
  18. Philogic

    Efes 8 Lira in Side

    I've been told that an Efes is now 8 lira in all the bars on the new promenade, up from 6 Lira last year. I can buy this in Cardiff City centre for £1.95. Newcomers to Side will think its just an expensive place and not return, I will not be using these bars as often as I did, if at all. The...
  19. S

    Efes at home

    Hi. Do any of the main supermarkets sell Efes at home, Tesco, Lidl, Sainsburys, Asda? Thanks.
  20. Freedom 49

    Nightmare on Efes Evleri

    Can anyone put me in the 'REAL picture' as to what is going on on Efes Evleri? I'll be up there again in a couple of weeks time and I'll go into the Belediye but even then I'm not guarateed the truth, am I? I've had phone calls and e.mails from both Turks & Non Turks living there. They tell me...
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