1. mollag

    Edinburgh festival

    The Edinburgh festival , the fringe. Hands up now, be honest, who is interested in the Fringe? it gets a hell of a lot of newspaper and tv coverage but to be frank, I could care less, maybe it's just me and not just cheap news.
  2. A

    Edinburgh to bodrum Flights may 18

    Hi, I wonder If anyone is aware of the flying schedule planned to opperate in may 18 from edinburgh to bodrum with Easyjet as we have our wedding booked for begining may and hotel etc ibc guests but they are concerned that we have no definate flying days is normally weds,sat...
  3. juco

    Edinburgh Torchlight Procession 30th Dec 2016

    Friday 30th December 2016 saw the Annual Torchlight Procession through the streets of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Torchlight Procession 2016 - YouTube EDINBURGH HOGMANAY TORCHLIGHT PROCESSION | #Blogmanay 2016/17 - YouTube EDINBURGH HOGMANAY CEILIDH STREET PARTY! | #Blogmanay 2016/17 - YouTube
  4. juco

    FREE water Edinburgh airport

    Maybe some of you already know but as you exit the duty free at Edin airport there is a font that gives free drinking water, so all you need is an empty bottle to get through security and the fill at that point. Unless of course they now take the empties from us.
  5. W

    Cheap flight tickets to edinburgh

    I have 2 tickets for 7th July flight Bodrum to Edinburgh which I am not able to use. Will sell for £25 each with buyer responsible for change of details costs. In total this will work out at approx £50 each ticket inclusive . Anybody interested can pm me .
  6. W

    Flights bodrum -edinburgh + edinburgh -bodrum

    hI all.Due to changes in circumstances I am likely to have 2 tickets available for the following flights 1. Bodrum (Terminal 1) to Edinburgh [/B]...
  7. T

    Flights Istanbul Edinburgh

    Can anyone help me for a cheap flight in Oct 2/3 tried Turkish Air and got to the end then price went up .
  8. T

    Edinburgh Fringe

    Just back from Edinburgh went see 4 show but Arthur Smith sings Leonard Cohen bril, it was not we thought but for £10 1 hour great . The weather was kind no rain and great buzz in Edinburgh .
  9. Tommie

    MP Eric Joyce arrested at Edinburgh Airport

    MP Eric Joyce was arrested for causing a disturbance at Edinburgh Airport. Apparently he left his mobile phone on the plane BUT DID NOT KNOW WHAT FLIGHT HE CAME ON. More... I know that flight numbers can be difficult to remember, but surely you must know where you came from and, hopefully...
  10. C

    Exhibitions in Edinburgh

    Anyone in the Edinburgh area may be interested in these exhibitions CORNUCOPIA ARTS UPDATE January 2013 __________________________________________________ *A very happy New Year to all our readers* EXHIBITIONS Art from the Land of Timur Exhibition of a private collection of rare...
  11. angiesco

    Turkish Airlines from Edinburgh...

    some of you might find this new service useful, Turkish airlines from Edinburgh to Istanbul, starting 16 July until 27 Oct. Angie.
  12. scotssteve

    B.a.a. To sell edinburgh airport

    BBC News - BAA to sell Edinburgh Airport BBC NEWS ONLINE BAA confirmed they are to sell Edinburgh Airport, keeping glasgow and aberdeen. Do TLF Scottish members see this as good news or not? Passenger traffic at Edinburgh grew 6% in a recession which prompts the question why Edinburgh? Is...
  13. altinkum kev

    Gatwick / Edinburgh closed

    Gatwick and Edinburgh airports have been closed for the rest of the day due to frozen runway.
  14. P

    Edinburgh airport drop off charge.

    It will only be a matter of time before this is country wide. BBC News - Anger at Edinburgh Airport £1 drop-off levy
  15. T

    Edinburgh ice hockey

    Mediashare Click on here if you want to see a promo of Edinburgh Capitals ice hockey team in action!
  16. M

    One way flight from Bodrum to Glasgow or Edinburgh

    Hi,Brian here My wife and daughter are comming over in the summer for six weeks and were finding it hard at this end getting oneway tickets back home on the 15th of August is there any trvel agents to deal with in Altinkum that could accomodate such flights without paying a Kings ransome? :
  17. ceemac

    Edinburgh Tops Poll

    Edinburgh has been voted top in a list of British cities to "see before you die". More C
  18. I

    Hi From Edinburgh

    Found this site by accident and I have spent the past few days checking through all the interesting subjects brought up in the Forum; many of the answers to the FAQ`s have been a great help to us. We are taking over a place in Akbuk`s Olive Village sometime in December and are coming over in...
  19. C

    Edinburgh flights started again

    Just looked on A1 Travel, it looks as though flights are starting again Edinburgh - Bodrum first one April fri 27th. Also flight days appear to have changed.from this year May Edinburgh flights are on Fridays Glasgow flights Friday ,Sat & Sun.
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