1. K

    Bulent Ecevit

    Former PM of Turkey died on Sunday aged 81 Bulent Ecevit | Obituaries | News | The Independent
  2. shirleyanntr

    bulent ecevit

    there was a massive turnout today in ankara for the funeral of five times prime minister Ecevit. Mr Ecevit suffered a stroke six months ago and had since been in a coma. His last years as Prime Minister were marred by ill health..and he stubbornly refused to let the reins go...which led to a...
  3. cirali

    Turkey holds ex-PM Ecevit funeral

    This is being broadcasted on the TV right now on all Turkish channels. As we are a day of remembering...... Thousands of mourners have lined the streets of the Turkish capital, Ankara, for the funeral procession of former prime minister Bulent Ecevit. Mr Ecevit, prime minister five times in...
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