1. oldfogy

    ITV The eBay Scammers

    Just a heads-up. Starting @21:00 tonight on ITV CH 3 Freeview. If you miss it then it's back on at 22:00 over on ITV + 1 CH 33 .
  2. juco

    eBay, how revert back to classic listing format

    For any ebay users that have experienced the new layout for listing items which is crap. I listed items to come on a day or so before I came back off hols and when revising the listing I found I could not click "list one more time if item does not sell" the check box was not available. This is...
  3. bickern

    How to post an add on eBay - LOL

    If you're looking for a new caravan, have about £65,000 spare and are a fan of dogging, sordid affairs and/or murdering then look no further. We have the perfect caravan for you. An eBay advert has gone viral for all the right reasons. After finding out her husband had bought a battered old...
  4. juco

    Ebay, I am confused

    I sold an item on ebay. Buyer states not quite what he was looking for can he return item. I said OK and will reimburse when item received. This started a `returns` case on ebay. He had to return by the 10 Feb. The item was never returned. I contact ebay and they close the case in my favour so I...
  5. juco

    eBay buyers are a pain.

    Well some are. I sold a manufacturers instruction manual for an electrical item. I get negative feedback which stated ..."it sometimes works" WHAT! did he mean his reading ability sometimes works or what! You read a manual so how can it sometimes work? Hopefully they will reverse their feedback.
  6. B

    Selling your property on Ebay

    You can now use an extra tool when selling your property. I have just put my property on Ebay, if I have any interest I will let you know. First time for everything. Has anyone else tried this method purely as an assisted tool. Naturally I will be using other local sources.
  7. J

    ebay purchase in Turkey, problems paying.

    i am trying to make a purchase on ebay turkey and have tried to pay with 3 different visa cards but it keeps saying payment failed can anyone help i dont see any way of paying with a paypal account
  8. J


    i am trying to buy a printer on ebay what kind of credit card do ineed
  9. N

    Buying from eBay in Turkey?

    Does anyone have any experience buying from eBay, specifically jewelery worth around 200-500tl? I know most ebay sellers are happy to ship the items as gifts but would I still have to pay any taxes in that case? And how much?
  10. D

    Turkish Ebay

    Has anyone used this, and if so what was the experience like? The prices are considerably less than what the local shops are charging for household goods, but I'm wondering about how reliable the delivery might be
  11. SLEEPY

    Ebay properties

    On another forum I noticed that there are a lot of properties been auctioned on ebay. Have any TLF members any experience with buying property on ebay and what are the pitfalls?
  12. D

    UK ebay account from turkey can i send to uk?!?!?! please help :(

    hi there im sure people are doing it sumhow just i no how strict the customs are with letting things into turkey so im wondering would it be possible for me to keep my uk ebay account and since i am now located in turkey can i see original designer clothing from here , my only concern is that...
  13. O

    Definitive 'threshold' for ordering goods from Amazon, Ebay etc

    I've searched this and other forums, plus a bunch of government websites, but I can't seem to find anything that sets things out once and for all. Only anecdotal comments such "I've never had problems and I've ordered X, Y and Z" or "I had to pay tax on X, Y and Z". If I order something from...
  14. juco

    Property on ebay

    Out of interest I typed in altinkum in search on ebay and was surprised to see a few properties for sale. I wonder if any actually sell this way as it would seem a bit risky unless you bid with reservations.
  15. N


    Really funny guy - check out item number 330591109342.
  16. zuberdust

    trusting ebay

    well just last week i was bidding on a very attractive antique slate mantle clock... i really liked it and kept bidding untill another bidder put in a high maximum bid to which i dont know off, anyway i stopped at the £80 mark and was a bit down as i wud have liked to have won it.. oh well i...
  17. ceemac

    Ebay Disputes

    Has anyone ever gone through the ebay resolution process when they've had some problem buying or selling, and if so, is it any use? I bought a pair of hiking boots that were sold as only having been worn twice. They cost me £25 as they were a reasonably good make but when I got them they had...
  18. E

    turkish ebay

    Hi could anyone give me any info on selling on turkish ebay. I have had a look but couldnt make out how to do it and whats happens when you sell something, posting and getting paid etc. Any info much welcome thanks x
  19. peter the postie

    The best ebay questions and answers ever

    Take a look at the following ad on ebay. And dont miss the questions and answers between the seller & potential buyers :) Yamaha FS1E 1975 Baja brown on eBay (end time 19-Jan-10 21:28:58 GMT)
  20. ceemac

    Ebay Deals

    Some of you are probably aware of this but there are two deals on ebay every day from now to Christmas where you can save huge amouts off recommended retail prices. For example, todays are a Motorola Dual Digital Photoframe at £24.99 (a saving of 69% on rrp), and an Elizabeth Arden Gift Set at...
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