1. P

    Your top 3 eateries in Yalikavak?

    My partner & I will be arriving in Yalkikavak for 10 nights at the beginning of August. I have been to Turkey many times but have never been to this part of the country. We are 27 & 35 and would like to get some recommendations for the following: Top 3 places to eat (I don't eat meat but eat...
  2. Yalides

    Tuzla eateries

    Any info on a nice place to eat in Tuzla ? Will be there tomorrow to see the flamingoes if they are still there. If not, what about Gulluk ?
  3. Fendouglas

    What are your top 3 threads about Eateries in Yalikavak?

  4. Yalides

    Top eateries in Yali

    What are your top eating places in Yali guys ?
  5. M


    Try Kosede. The Fajitas are fab!!!:loony:
  6. Yalides

    Expensive eateries

    Tried the bar/restaurant cum beach club place on the beach behind the marina, sorry forgot its name, and thought that although they had live music, 250 plus TL for three very ordinary meals, a couple of small draught beers, a raki and two iced teas was a rip off. We said so and were told the...
  7. Sunny Seasider

    Favourite Eateries in and around Yalikavak

    Now that we're gearing up for our holidays in the Yalikavak area, (and I think Mushtaq's thread is a great idea), lol, we are all looking forward to be once again eating in our favourite and never tried before Restaurants. Here's a starter. Looking forward to Morgul Antik's always a good night...
  8. S

    watering holes and eateries

    Hello to everyone. I am going to altinkum on saturday for the first time and cant wait.can anyone recommend some nice restaurants and bars. cheers
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