1. bickern

    'Depressed' camel refuses to eat or drink

    A police camel in India has started to refuse food and water after its handler died of a heart-attack moments after feeding the force animal. Assistant sub-inspector Shivraj Gadhvi - who had been with the force 'a long time' -died whilst patrolling in Pingleshwar in the border district of...
  2. S

    Spurs- time to eat my humble pie!!!

    Well Mr Spurs, it's time I cut myself a large slice of humble pie....... Couple of years back we had excellent debate re UKIP, Mr Farage, and Brexit You said UKIP would get their vote out, I said def not- I was well wrong!!! You said Brexit was strong possibility , I said absolutely no way-...
  3. Yalides

    Lets all eat cardboard

    Kerry McCarthy, Shadow Environment Secretary, Says Treat Meat Eaters Like Smokers Loony left shadow minister wants us all to give up meat. They walk amongst us........
  4. bal canavar

    Let Them Eat Cake

    Zimbabwe -- once the breadbasket of southern Africa is entering the peak of its so called "hunger season," which this year is affecting more than 2 million people. The U.N. agency said the food situation is especially dire in rural areas of four provinces -- Matabeleland North and South...
  5. bickern

    Would YOU eat here?

    Public toilets, some abandoned for more than 20 years, have undergone £100,000+ restorations. Attendant, in central London, made headlines when it opened last year after a £100,000 conversion from disused public toilet to gourmet cafe. The Doulton & Co porcelain urinals have been converted...
  6. M

    good place to eat in gumusluk

    Hi all, Just found a really good place to eat in Gumusluk village. It's called Pida & Izgara Salonu and it's opposite Serici market. The food is excellent and very reasonably priced. Large efes 7.50 tl. and the cay (tea) is free.
  7. teosgirl

    Tourists in Bodrum eat the worlds most expensive dinner

    Tourists in Bodrum eat ?the world?s most expensive dinner? - TOURISM I agree that prices in some resorts are getting out of hand, tourists often seem to be the target of higher prices. This practice needs to be halted otherwise it will inevitably effect tourism in the future. Charlotte
  8. bal canavar

    Eat your dog

    Yes this was the heartbreaking dilemma. A Canadian man had to decide whether to kill and eat his beloved dog or die of starvation. What made it worse the dog had saved his life three days earlier from a wild bear. The man was stranded in the Canadian Wilderness when a wild bear attacked him...
  9. K

    Best places to eat in Turunç and Datça

    Advice please. Where are the best places to eat in Turunç (lunch) and Datça (lunch and evening meal). Preferably somewhere where local Turkish people go rather than touristy places. Thanks.
  10. pepperkat

    Would you want to eat here

    Taiwans latest cafe, The serving platters/dishes might be off putting lookin at the dishes
  11. S

    Eat your hezrt out Jamie Oliver

    As I am by far Europes worst cook, before the big girl returned to Ireland she made me a large amount ( more or less one for every day of her absence) of dinners which were then frozen in tupperware tubs. Chicken kievs, curries etc. Well, today I had a brainwave. In migros I noticed a pack of...
  12. N

    Places to eat ?

    Hi All, Could anyone recommend any good places to eat. We have never been to Yalikavak before & are staying for 3 weeks in the summer holidays . A bonus if any child friendly places as the kids are 9 & 6 . Many Thanks Darren.
  13. tykatem

    Want to live longer? Eat like the English!

    Eating like the English could save 4,000 lives a year in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, a study claims. People in England eat more fruit and vegetables and less salt and fat, reducing heart disease and some cancers, say Oxford University experts. BBC News - English-style diet 'could...
  14. K

    Favourite place to eat in Akbuk and why?

    I have heard many things about the restaurants in Akbuk, but what is your favourite and why?
  15. T

    Best places to eat in Alanya, Oba and Tosmur

    What are the best places to eat in Alanya, Oba and Tosmur?
  16. F

    places to eat and drink in Alinkum

    New visitor to Altinkum please can anyone tell us where good resturants and bars are where to get water bread etc and which markets are worth a visit.Been going to Icelmer for over 5 years and wanted to see a different part of Turkey.Well use to hopping on local transport and like to travel out...
  17. H

    Places to eat in Mahmutlar

    Hi all just wondering are there any new places to eat in Mahmutlar. I heard the Blue parrot has moved and a few new places have opened I just would like to know there name's and where they are. tks. Hoops17
  18. M

    Eat In Izmir

    Dear Turkish Living users, Eat in Izmir (eatinizmir(dot)com ) is a non-profit website founded in 2007 to promote restaurants & cafes & bars in Izmir in English. We are the only website created for dining and gastronomy in Izmir. We are currently running the website with four editors and we are...
  19. K

    Places to eat & things to do in Olu Deniz

    Hi, :504xn: :388dd: We are staying at the Belchan Deluxe Hotel in Olu Deniz for 2 weeks. Can anyone recommend places to eat and things to do? Warm regards Kath
  20. Tris

    Why don't Muslims eat pork?

    In England, before refrigeration, there used to be a saying "don't eat Pork unless there is an R in the month" because between the months of May and August (the warm period) Pork went off quickly and it posed a health risk - food poisoning. I believe pork became off bounds for this reason and...
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