1. L

    Easyjet duty free.

    With the restrictions,are Easyjet still doing duty free,ie spirits and perfumes?
  2. R

    Easyjet Hand Luggage restriction

    See below located on the Easyjet website today. Turkey Travel restrictons 30/07/2020 IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PASSENGERS TRAVELLING TO AND FROM TURKISH AIRPORTS Following a requirement from Turkish regulatory authorities, passengers travelling into or out of Turkish airports will only be allowed...
  3. bickern

    EasyJet hit by cyberattack

    EasyJet hit by cyberattack where email and travel details for 9million customers stolen. EASYJET has been targeted in a cyber attack, which has resulted in hackers accessing millions of customers contact and travel information The airline, which has currently grounded all of its flights in...
  4. M


    My 90-day visa runs out on June 9th and I need to find a flight home to the UK. My closest airport is Bodrum. Looking at the Easyjet website there seem to be plenty of flights available in the first week of June, at reasonable prices. But are these confirmed flights? Or is just a way for...
  5. V

    Easyjet £29 Xmas sale

    Easyjet has released its autumn/winter flights with one way prices fixed at £29.99 including taxes if booked before midnight on 24 March. They have also reduced hold baggage prices to £14 per sector. The airline is also operating Dalaman to Gatwick twice a week during the winter, and Manchester...
  6. S

    Easyjet flights

    Are out today for next year.
  7. S


    when do easyjet release next years flights , looking for may/june 2020, thanks
  8. S

    Easyjet check in

    Easyjet check in. Easyjet are not accepting printed boarding pass at Antalya airport possibly Dalaman too. You have to queue up show your boarding pass and be checked in at the desk and you are then given a ticket to proceed. I have no idea why but I did get a text a few days earlier. However I...
  9. M

    Easyjet 2019 schedule

    I to book book some flights from the UK to Turkey for 2019 but found that Easyjet have published no chedules after November this year. Does this mean that Easyjet are pulling out of Turkey? Or are they just a bit late getting their schedules out?
  10. 1

    Easyjet on Mac

    Morning, Hope someone techie can help me. At home I use an Apple Mac, with Safari for internet browsing. Since Tuesday, I cannot book flights on Easyjet. When the calendar appears in a new window, I cannot scroll down to find the dates I want, the new window only shows June & July. I have...
  11. B

    EASYJET sale for Oct 18 - Feb 19

    Sale start tomorrow (Thurs) from 6am, for 28th October 2018 – 3rd February 2019 flight.
  12. A


    BOOO! they do flights to all other places like Bodrum/Izmir etc. I'm sure they used to do flights to Istanbul. Don't people travel to Istanbul any more?
  13. A

    easyjet flights for sept2018

    HI does anyone know when flight dates will be out for september 2018 Thanks art2
  14. 1

    Easyjet flights and Apple Mac

    Hope someone can help me! I was trying to book my flights last night using my Mac. All was going well until I tried to select my dates. A new pane opened on right hand side, but I could not see my cursor to navigate up/down Any advice on why this may be? I also had the same problem with...
  15. G

    Easyjet Flights 2018 to Turkey

    Hi does anyone know when easyJet release their flights to Bodrum for next year (2018) it's usually around sept/oct, also any news on Monarch flying to Bodrum again ? :416pv:
  16. G

    Hands free with easyjet

    Hi I am returning to the uk tomorrow and wondeered if anyone has tried this at bodrum airport, I received this yesterday from easyjet via e-mail, a chap and easy way of getting your laptop or tablet back and liquids with hand baggage? UPGRADE TO HANDS FREE! Travelling with a cabin bag only? Cut...
  17. L

    Easyjet email add.

    Anyone got an email address for Easyjet customer services,TIA
  18. willip

    easyjet winter flights on sale tomorrow

    On Thu 23 Mar tickets go on sale for travel from 29 Oct 2017 to 4 Feb 2018, including flights over Christmas and New Year
  19. B

    Easyjet Flights for Summer 2017 are now online

    I have just booked my easyjet return flights Bodrum/Liverpool for July-August 2017, cost £114 per person.
  20. B

    easyjet tickets forsale dalaman to stansted 22 and 29 october

    alice and I have changed our return plans now flying home 19 October . her ticket with extra legroom seat 12d on 22 october . mine is same seat but 29 October . I thought I would ask for offers at 150 minimum each. Name change looks like 45 pounds on top . reasonable offers considered . If...
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