1. Tenpin

    News Eastern Express serves over 12,000 travelers since December

    Eastern Express serves over 12,000 travelers since December https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/eastern-express-serves-over-12-000-travelers-since-december-173485 Extract: Turkey’s Eastern Express has served more than 12,000 travelers since the service resumed in late December last year. The...
  2. B

    Eastern European Farm Workers

    I see that we can't cope without Eastern European farm workers. Popular belief is neither will the NHS or care homes be able to recruit staff. How do little Englanders feel about this?
  3. Camden

    'New' Eastern Express

    Announced, the new "Eastern Express" Train from Ankara to Kars. Will make its Maiden voyage on 29 May. Ticket price on the train will be around $ 120 ... according to Transport minister.... but Haberturk on speaking to a TCDD official he said the price is not yet set, so could be a...
  4. L

    Steve Gorman, Eastern Promise

    Hi Can Anyone Help shed some light on this man and his family company. I have just found out 7 days prior to commencement of our holiday in Kusadasi that the villa we have booked is unsafe and we have no where to stay!!!! All monies had been paid up to date and the web page for the company has...
  5. Y

    Steve Gorman -eastern promise warning removed ??????

    Can anyone tell me why the comments regarding Steve of Eastern Promise have all been moved ??? These were good warnings for other to see. Im now a very confused new forum user.
  6. H

    Steve Gorman Eastern Promise

    Hi All, Hope someone can help. My husband and myself have been trying to contact Steve Gorman of Eastern Promise for the past while. We used him a couple of times to rent a villa on Long Beach. There is no answer from his phone numbers for the past while or reply from his email address. Does...
  7. 1

    Eastern Europe

    Apologies if this has posted twice...... I will be celebrating a milestone birthday next year, and would really like to visit Estonia or Latvia........ Tallin is on the top of my wish list, but am happy to visit Riga...... Any one been? Any tips? He who must be disobeyed /ignored is paying, so...
  8. ZiaCa'

    Middle Eastern Dance Classes

    Our lovely Fethiye dance teacher, Kate, is looking at running classes in Uzumlu, at the Uzumlu Park Restaurant in Orta Kuyu. They'll be starting Wed 23rd Nov at 10.30 to 12noon, with a view that if there is enough interest, they will continue weekly. Cost is 10TL incl. a soft or hot drink...
  9. bickern

    Demolition begins on Monument to Humanity in eastern Turkey

    Workers began the demolition of Kars’ Monument to Humanity on Tuesday. Demolition begins on Monument to Humanity in eastern Turkey - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review I could understand not allowing it to be built but to remove it now seems senseless. "Yücel Yağcı, the owner of Turkish...
  10. v6cod

    Strong quake hits Eastern Turkey

    A strong quake has hit eastern turkey killing 17 people BBC News - Strong quake hits eastern Turkey
  11. merlin

    Nine wounded, 93 detained in eastern Turkey....

    Nine people including six police officers were injured and 93 people detained yesterdays demonstration in the eastern city of Van, an official statement said today. The statement issued by the police department said that a group of 200 people including members of Democratic People's...
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