1. bickern

    Erdoğan issued a message on the occasion of Easter

    President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued a message on the occasion of Easter on Sunday while the country’s Christian community had to refrain from performing religious services in churches due to the coronavirus outbreak. “I congratulate the Easter of all our Christian citizens with heartfelt...
  2. bickern

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter - Sand Art by Frauke Menger Happy Easter - Sand Art by Frauke Menger - YouTube :peace:
  3. Duke

    Easter Greetings Everyone !!

    Hoping your all healthy happy & looking forward to enjoying the coming months of sunshine, making new acquaintances & just getting away from the mundane normality reality of life!! lol lol lol God bless you one & all Duke
  4. Jaycey

    Happy Orthodox Easter Everybody

    While many Christians in the world emptied out their Easter baskets weeks ago, for Orthodox Christians, the celebration here is just getting started. Easter falls on May 1 on the Orthodox Christian calendar. There’s no mistaking the festive atmosphere in Kiev, Ukraine, where residents are...
  5. HelenSnowball

    Happy Easter

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter. As you can imagine this weekend is a busy one for me, it's the best weekend of the year, so I might not get chance to wish you all a peaceful Easter after today. Not sure what those of you will do if you're in Turkey, but whatever it is, I hope...
  6. yalimart

    Easter Eggs

    And this is how they are made Martin
  7. L

    Steve Gorman, Eastern Promise

    Hi Can Anyone Help shed some light on this man and his family company. I have just found out 7 days prior to commencement of our holiday in Kusadasi that the villa we have booked is unsafe and we have no where to stay!!!! All monies had been paid up to date and the web page for the company has...
  8. Tess

    Easter Monday and Tuesday

    I am off work for two days. Roberts Mum lives with us now and has gone off to spend the day at a nieces home, she is doing the same tomorrow. It is giving me a wee break and this morning I have changed all the beds and currently am wading my way through washing all the bedwear. Sadly when making...

    Easter tv

    After finishing off my Easter egg I though I would lodge myself on the sofa for the afternoon for a bit of telly.And and what a load of rubbish for a holiday weekend,with nothing on I had to be content with watching a series on Moonshiners in the US. For 70 odd pounds a month I wonder why I...
  10. S

    Easter eggs

    As a kid I always wanted a Black Magic egg for Easter but my mum was always insistent that such eggs were only for adults????????? My bruv, loved white chocolate and always got Milky Bar egg What were your favs?
  11. S

    Easter telly

    God almighty I don't know what it's like in Britain but over here every bloody Easter they roll out The Robe, and other religious telly. Give it a rest!!!!!!!! Though on a slightly different tv holiday time gripe- Robinson Crusoe.... As a kid there was a 10 part series shown during the...
  12. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Easter Everyone

    Just want to wish everyone a Happy Easter time. I am looking forward to opening my huge Easter Egg, not had Chocolate since Ash Wednesday, and tomorrow we will be having Fish for Lunch along with chips, mushy peas, buttered bread and a cuppa from our favourite Fish Restaurant in Fleetwood, The...
  13. L

    Easter flights

    Has anyone flown out to Bodrum for Easter? I'm having problems finding an airline that flys that early other than THY who are expensive for that period
  14. L

    Easter holiday

    Does anyone have any suggestions where we can go for 1 week at Easter abroad. We would go to the apartment but its too expensive at around £450 each, ideally we want to go somewhere we have not been before and somewhere that's interesting i.e. not a beach holiday. We have lots of air miles with...
  15. A

    Easter holidays in Bugaria

    Greeting from Bugaria me and my family are in Bulgaria Gabrovo mid bg having a good time eating drinking and sleeping. Eating out here is still very cheap,our average bill for 3 people inc drinks mainly beer is £12.00 stunning food, weather is also good here at the moment. :48:
  16. bickern

    Chocolate printer to go on sale after Easter

    What better thread to put this in than The Cafe. Chocolate printer to go on sale after Easter The UK scientists who developed a prototype chocolate printer last year say they have now perfected it. They hope to have the machine on sale at the end of April - just missing the Easter egg rush...
  17. scotssteve

    Happy Easter

    As the sun rises to what looks like a beautiful Good Friday I would like to wish all my TLF friends a very Happy Easter Time for all of us to perhaps pause for thought - and for those of us who are christian to celebrate our own thoughts and beliefs. Time to appreciate what we have and...
  18. culturevulture

    Easter trips to The House of Mary???

    Does anyone know if there are any trips running, from Didim to The Blessed Mother's house, during the Easter ceremonies, especially Easter Sunday? I would love to go Mass there on Easter Sunday morning. Mary.
  19. S

    Easter Holidays

    Hi, The family and i are popping over for the Easter break , i was wondering what is the weather like at the moment. I can go on all day looking at the weather on the net and TV but its better coming from the horses mouth, so to speak. Kind Regards Mark
  20. C

    Special 3 night hotel package deal for easter at the taskule hotel yalikavak

    Come and spend this special time with your family and friends at Taşkule Boutique Hotel (the Stone Tower) located by the beach at Yalıkavak, one of the most popular beach resorts on the Bodrum Peninsula.
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