1. S


    What's happened to Eastenders, it's been cancelled tonight, is it something to do with the story line at the minute????? Sara
  2. shirleyanntr

    Eastenders tackles social issues

    Whether you like Eastenders or not you have to admire the scriptwriters and the actors who bring sensitivity and realism to many issues. This year they have aired mental illness with Stacey and her mother portraying different aspects of Bi-polar disorder...the trauma and heartache of...
  3. icebern09


    .... Has done it again, 2 brilliant performances tonight by the guy that plays Max and the girl that plays Stacy. (Jake Wood and Lacy Turner) I reckon Lacy Turner could go on to do great things.
  4. KKOB

    Eastenders Xmas Murder

    Right, WITHOUT using a search engine, who's body is going to be found in The Queen Vic in the Christmas Day episode of 'Stenders? :hmm:
  5. KKOB

    Eastenders on BBC Prime

    Don't forget that Eastenders is now on at 9pm Turkish time Mondays to Thursdays (8pm CET).
  6. Andy

    Coronation Street v Eastenders

    With all the UK Soaps on TV these days i was just wondering which ones the members like the most, and can you get them on Turkish TV.
  7. shirleyanntr


    anybody got inside info about who bumped Pauline off...i can't stand suspense!!
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