1. S

    Current Irish Politics-Warning do not read if you're easily bored or not au fait!

    Sleepy thought it best we kept this to our own thread Anyways I bet Shinners are praying Snarlene doesn't resign!!!!!
  2. Y

    And I thought I was easily stressed!

    In the online HurriyetDailyNews english language website, article headed 'Turkish Women Love to Beat Stress Coach'. (sorry dont know how to make link to webpage successfully) As the worlds only registered stress coach, this guys work seems to consist of permitting for very large sums of money...
  3. S

    How easily are we conned????

    Kicking on from some of todays other posts re possible tall stories (alienturkey thread) or indeed people being more trusting/gullible when abroad (wide eye thread) are we all equally likely to be conned? Are conmen smart or are we naive and most importantly (not the obvious ones please!) any...
  4. peter the postie

    Warning its a bit rude.. Dont look if easily offended!

    I'm putting this in here as its members only, and I do hope I dont offend anyone, but........ Do you see Homer Simpson?
  5. ceemac

    Are Expats, Living Abroad and Away from Home, More Easily Conned?

    Sound familiar? 'If you don’t live in Spain you may not have heard the story about John Hirst, a Majorcan based British expatriate who has allegedly conned and swindled his way through his life abroad and now ‘disappeared’ leaving many of his expatriate victims’ lives in ruins.' Here C
  6. GnD

    Gorgeous Blonde Pole Dancer Don't Look If Easily Offended!!!!

    :gulme::gulme::gulme::gulme::gulme: cheers Marian!
  7. lorraine

    Some just dont tan easily

    Member PaulT returned to Uk 10 October after spending 2 weeks with us in Fethiye, Shame really his tan just did not last¬!!! PaulT
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