1. bickern

    Easier for foreigners to apply for their residency permits.

    The Directorate General of Migration Management (GoƧ Idaresi) have just made it easier for foreigners to apply for their residency permits. They have launched a mobile app available via playstore. The app is available in 6 languages. App for Iphones is coming soon...
  2. beyazbayan

    Parking made easier

    Camera that'll see off the rear view mirror: Drives will be able to see footage from a camera mounted on the back of the car. Well that just may help as parking and reversing for me is a real problem due to the fact the manufacturer has placed the sterring wheel at the front of the car and my...
  3. shirleyanntr

    work permits getting easier

    according to this article work permits in general have increased and more so for women. if you take a look at the type of work though its mostly domestic..there's a huge market for foreign cheap domestic labour.. getting a work permit doesn't grant anything when it comes to rights...just as in...
  4. shirleyanntr

    is English easier than Turkish ?

    if you think Turkish is difficult..take a look at what Turkish kids are struggling with when learning English :dizzy: this is part of an English helping lesson im giving to Yusufs niece who is 16 . she is getting all these tenses in her English lessons in school and i dont think the teacher can...
  5. ceemac

    Making it easier for Turkish Cypriots to get their property back

    THE GOVERNMENT has prepared an amendment to the law on Turkish Cypriot properties, to allow their return in certain cases. The bill, which had been kept under wraps because of the sensitivity of the issue, was meant to be approved on Thursday but was postponed until next week. Here C
  6. A

    Which is the easier route

    Hi which is the easier route for a day trip to greece and renue 90day visa, Kusadasi to Samos or Bodrum to Kos??? any help would be great and rough prices a bonus :25: Thanks
  7. gerald

    makes the use of state health care system easier

    This article might be of interest to some. It seems that I cannot post links, so I have copied the extract Alanya improves foreigners' health services Tuesday, July 10, 2007 ALANYA - Turkish Daily News Alanya municipality introduced a new service to its foreign residents last week that...
  8. Pennie

    Making Gail's life easier

    How about we start a thread, where nothing particularly serious is discussed, and no important information is passed, so Gail hasn't got to go through it and tell us to get back to topic. If ever we feel like going off on a tangent in any of the threads, we can post a note to see gossip thread...
  9. merlin

    Resizing photos to use on forum posts just got easier!

    Including a photo or image in your post.... If you want to make a post on the forum that includes a photograph or image you can do this easily by using a free third party image hosting service such as ImageShack http://www.imageshack.us/ Just upload the image you want displayed in your post...
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