1. Neil_Denizli

    Cats Dying in Bodrum - Alert to Owners

    My wife's cat just died - caught a fever, dead 2 days later. Vet says it's a virus, and almost ALL the cats in the neighbourhood are dying or dead. Virus, poisoning, whatever it is: 1. If you're in Bodrum area and your cat has any sign of a fever, treat it as urgent and get to a vet immediately...
  2. S

    How muc of the Turk population is Kemalist, and are they dying out?

    I've noticed that CHP and similar political parties in Turkiye don't get as many votes, and ak parti has dominated Turkish politics since 2002......to what extent is the Turkish population secular and/or kemalist, and are they dying out? if so do you predict that they will rise again?
  3. bickern

    MPs begin heated debate over assisted dying bill

    Eighty-five MPs want to speak in Commons debate, which is likely to go on for hours before vote is called, MPs have begun to debate a bill that would allow doctors to help terminally ill people end their lives, before the first House of Commons vote on assisted dying for 20 years. Rob Marris...
  4. bickern

    Dying pet owner and his dog

    Can you watch this advert without it bringing a tear to your eye?. The campaign Argentinian liver transplant foundation shows a day in the life of an elderly man and his four legged friend. After waking him up each morning, his loyal dog follows him everywhere - even for a coffee and to the...
  5. T

    Homeless Turkish people dying in the cold

    Pictures of homeless Turkish people living in freezing cold conditions, one of the pictures shows one has died in the freezing conditions. It is so very sad. Posta Gazetesi, Gazeteler
  6. bal canavar

    Assisted Dying Bill

    Opinion: Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill – Is it a measure of humanity ??? bill gets its second reading Friday what's your view ?? Opinion: Lord Falconer?s Assisted Dying Bill ? A measure of humanity
  7. Lez Zetli

    Çeşme: dying here is different from Izmir

    A Çeşme horror story (I originally posted this on an inferior forum) There is some dark comedy to be found in this subject as I discovered last night sitting with friends round the barbecue. You may have seen my other post Turkey: Dying is different here. In that post I wrote that after the...
  8. Lez Zetli

    Dying is different here...

    I posted this some time ago on a Kusadasi forum, but when the Turkish owner started censoring anything that he thought did not promote Kusadasi, I left. When somebody dies in Turkey the traditions are quite different from the UK. Yesterday one of my Turkish wife’s relatives died. Today we...
  9. bickern

    Proofreading is a dying art

    Proofreading is a dying art, wouldn't you say? Man Kills Self Before Shooting Wife and Daughter Did he really now!. Right I just couldn't help but send this along. Too funny... Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says No crap, really? Ya think...
  10. Lyndsey

    Could you grant a dying wish?

    I write this with a lump in my throat and my heart in my shoes. See a quote below: "Hi, I'm 15 years old and live with my parents and sister in Ulverston. I've been fighting cancer for almost 4 years and now I know that the cancer is gaining on me and it doesn't look like I'm going to win this...
  11. Bubskar

    Is my laptap dying

    I know because of the bad weather here in Turkey internet connections and signals have had an affect on my computer's performance lately which I can understand. However, now that things have improved I am experiencing a really slow performance and have noticed that everytime I click on...
  12. Mushtaq

    Dying man left on pavement for two hours as shoppers walk around him

    Shoppers walked past a dying man as he lay helpless on the pavement. The man, in his 50s, was slumped outside a busy row of shops in Eastfield Road, Peterborough, for nearly two hours before someone finally came to his aid. A passer-by eventually dialled 999 after approaching the man to see if...
  13. Mushtaq

    Making babies naturally may be a dying art

    Thirtysomethings could routinely conceive babies using IVF within a decade because it will have become better than sex as a means of reproduction, scientists have predicted. According to a new report, advances in IVF technology mean it will be possible to produce embryos with a success rate of...
  14. v6cod

    German man "marries" his dying cat

    Now this is funny, it brings a whole new meaning to animal lovers BBC News - German man 'marries' his dying cat :loony:
  15. Andy

    Dying Abroad

    I thought this was an interesting statment by a friend on another Forum which i have copy & pasted so the members can read it. Have you prepared for your death. Dying Abroad Anything can happen.....we know not the day nor the hour, even if you're quite young, it could be an accident. I know...
  16. steve & sue

    XL Collapse: Dying Woman Stranded

  17. Karyn UK

    Sea bream dying in gulf of Gulluk

    When I was reading Ms Who's article in voices I saw an article about thousands of sea bream dying in the gulf of Gulluk. Voices Article on Fish Dying What's killing them? Seems travel agents in the UK have been complaining for ages about the fish farms there but nothing has been done and...
  18. Susan

    Dying in Turkey

    I got this information from the British Consulate last year, thought it may help people who are going to retire in Turkey what happens. Not quite sure where to put it so hope Admin or a Mod will put it in the right place for me. Susan Local burial in Fethiye is subject to permission of a...
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