1. K

    VHS to DVD

    I need help in converting a VHS tape to a DVD or somebody here in Turkey that would do it for me. It’s a tape of my wedding. I lost my wife to cancer in January so you can see it is very important to me to get this done. Thankyou.
  2. G

    Re: DVD's

    Re: DVD's I wonder if I could enlist your help please? Has anyone purchased any Mickey Flanagan DVD's at any of the table top sales please? If so, could you please let me know as we loaned them to someone who asked if they could borrow then and never got them back. They were a present to us...
  3. Sha Hoorsur

    DVD burner. Help!

    Help! I’m trying to download a DVD burning programme but I can’t find one my anti-virus will allow. Being a good Scotsman it has to be free, any recommendations gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  4. C

    Copy film DVD's - Marmaris

    Can anyone recommend the best place in Marmaris to get copy DVD's. We've had some brilliant copy films in the past and some real shockers. It took years for my kids to notice that for about 10 minutes in the middle of Kung Fu Panda it was actually in Chinese. Thanks.
  5. S

    taking dvd to england

    Hi, I want to take my DVD player from Turkey back to England , is the voltage the same, I know I will have to get an adaptor to make it 3 pin, thanks in advance, susi
  6. F

    dvd's being sold for charity

    We have maybe 1000 DVD's at the office. İ want to sell them to raise further money for the bursary's at the Coşku school. They are 6 for 1TL. İf anyone wants some come to the King Emlak office next to BİM.
  7. Yalides


    LG DVD player, hardly used 40TL
  8. gerald

    Free Winx DVD Pro

    For a limited period Winx are giving away some free stuff details below: WinX DVD Copy Pro is specially designed to meet users' up-to-date DVD backup demand: clone DVD to DVD disc for safe storage; copy DVD to ISO image for later burning, playing or ripping; copy DVD to MPEG2 file with intact...
  9. A89

    echo when playing dvd's again!

    A while ago I posted because I had a bad echo when trying to watch dvd's, after trying all the things everyone here were kind enough to suggest and nothing helping I was told I'd need the laptop reformatting so had it completely wiped and windows reinstalled. Now its started to do the same...
  10. davet

    Blu Ray DVD Player

    I seem to be drawing a blank when trying to find somewhere in Fethiye that sells Blu Ray players. Can anyone help? Do they call them Blu Ray out here or does it come under a different description?
  11. Howell's

    dvd box sets req

    Hi Anyone got any dvd box set series that they fancy selling, Im in Didim
  12. A89

    DVD decoder needed again!

    Guys im still having problems with this sodding DVD. The whole set will only seem to play with windows media player but as I dont have a decoder in the laptop Im using I cant play it on my own machine. The media player I downloaded yesterday will play everything else except this set of dvds...
  13. A89

    DVD decoder

    Me again! :bounce: Can anyone tell me where to find or recommend a dvd decoder please? Im using windows XP if thats relevant. Been trying to watch dvd's using 'media player home classic cinema' that someone recommended to me but cant get on with it at all so want to go back to windows media...
  14. P

    Big Screen DVD Projector

    Hi We're having a party and would like to show a DVD on a large screen projector in our garden. Does anyone know of anyone/a company who can set this up or hires out DVD projectors/screens in the Bodrum area. I've checked in the UK and there are loads of companies that do it but not sure about...
  15. Raysalaff

    DVD For Sale With Suround Speakers

    I have a LG DVD player with Surround a Sound for sale, it’s had little use and in very good condition, there is a USB slot, so you can plug in a memory stick with photos a music which you can play through the system. Complete with remote control and manual. Must be collected from Gökçebel PM...
  16. Lyndsey


    Just watched "Invictus" about the SA Rugby team & Nelson Mandela. Was wonderful, watch it! Anyone watched anything worth buying recently?
  17. C

    cheap dvd labelling and/or jewel cases

    cheap dvd labelling and/or jewel cases for Kaptan June's Dalyan dvd For a dvd about Dalyan that will soon be for sale for raising funds for Kaptan June Haimoff, we are looking for a cheap place for dvd label printing and/or supplying jewel cases with printed inlay. Does anyone have a suggestion...
  18. peter the postie

    In car DVD players

    I'm looking for recommendations on In car DVD players. Ideally I'd like 2 screens, player unit, and if possible one that will run off rechargeable batteries. I'm happy to listen to all recommendations though. Anyone?
  19. maggie

    DVD Help.

    Right you clever Geeky people question for you.! English DVD player,English DVD/CD external burner,English T.V. English DVD -R 1-16xspeed.4.7.gb single sided discs.Am in Turkey . Right Ive burnt some films and tried to play them on the DVD player and they wont play. Play allright onto my...
  20. altinkum kev

    Wanted Vista Reinstallation DVD

    Anyone in Altinkum area have a vista Reinstallation disc that i can borrow so i can re format my lap top, cant seem to find mine, i did have the vista premium disc but i guess any will do. i promise to return it......
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