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    please please please can anyone answer my question on where do you buy duvets quilts at a reasonable price. my husband is in altinkum at the moment and i sent him with duvet covers and now he can't find duvets that are reasonable to buy??? any suggestions or directions of where to shop? An...
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    Duvets and Bedding

    I am coming over at Xmas and expect the nights to be cold.....is it worthwhile me bringing duvets over and bedding or is this type of stuff cheap when I get there? Anyone know how much approx I would pay for a super king duvet and singles too? Just so I can get a ball park figure. Suggestions...
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    Duvets, Pillows & Blankets?

    Dear All Not wanting to sound daft, I don't particularly want to being all this stuff over with me. Where is the best price to buy sheets, bedding, kitchen plates and cutlery - is it in the markets and if so when and where do they happen near Altinkum?:)
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