1. R

    Duty Free

    Hi. We are travelling to Dalaman with Pegasus via Istanbul. Are we allowed to buy duty free at Manchester? Will they allow us to board the Dalaman flight with our duty free? We won't be able to purchase at Istanbul as we'll be in transit. Thanks for any advice Rosie
  2. L

    Easyjet duty free.

    With the restrictions,are Easyjet still doing duty free,ie spirits and perfumes?
  3. suzyq

    New limits on Duty Free shopping in Turkey

    If you want to look at the screenshot you need to open the link below VOICES understands that a new limit is being imposed on travellers buying goods at duty-free shops before they leave Turkey. From local media and Londra Gazette, the Turkish newspaper based in London, they say duty-free...
  4. Billy Joe

    Bodrum Duty Free.

    On entering Turkey coming through Bodrum duty free a few weeks ago,I was given,a canvas bag to hold my purchases,me thinks,that's nice.Going home recently,again I was given a canvas bag and thought lovely now I have two. A few days later I was emptying my pockets of various bits of rubbish and...
  5. C

    Duty free

    Hi all Ive travelled this way numerous times but I cant remember if I can bring duty free from the UK side through to Istanbul and then still carry on domestic flight anyone jog my memory?? Chunky
  6. S

    customs duty,

    Does any body know the current amount of the cost of imported goods to TR. is before you start to pay customs tax ?
  7. bickern

    Customs duty in Turkey.

    I am thinking of buying an inflatable canoe from ebay, it is a UK company sending to Turkey. The canoe is £90 plus postage. Will there be any duty to pay on top when it arrives here?
  8. E

    UK Airport DUTY FREE - your vat refund

    Who got their hands on it? Airport VAT row: customers threaten not to show boarding passes | Politics | The Guardian
  9. M

    Duty Paid alcohol into Turkey

    Can anyone tell me if I bought alcohol say from Morrisons and took it into Turkey is there a limit to how much I can take in?
  10. N

    Duty free

    Can anyone help please? We are flying from Bristol to Izmir, with a stopover for a couple of hours at Istanbul airport. Can we buy duty free at Bristol and take it through Istanbul airport in our hand luggage before flying on to Izmir. Thanks
  11. R

    istanbul duty free

    hi please could you give advice on duty free .We travel turkish airlines manchester to istanbul then stay there 3 days and then we do istanbul bodrum internal flight when we buy duty free in manchester they seal the bag will we still be able to carry through to bodrum if we do nor break seal or...
  12. jandj

    Duty Free purchases

    Just over a year ago I flew back from Izmir via Munich to Heathrow with Lufthansa. At Izmir I purchased a litre of Brandy and a litre of Vodka at the duty free. On arrival at Munich I was told that I was not able to carry it onto my next flight as the goods were bought in a non-EU country. I...
  13. S

    Turkey to end Duty Free???

    Picked this up from another forum so no idea whatsoever as to its accuracy Turkey to ban duty free alcohol at airports and border crossings A change to the law has slipped through the Turkish parliament, while the arguments over corruption and tapes has been hitting all the headlines...

    Duty Free From Kos.

    Had a phone call from a good friend tonight who has been to Kos for the day today via the ferry that leaves from the Bodrum Harbour[ Castle area}. It seems there is a new Polis officer there who is confiscating any pork products and only allowing folks to bring in two bottles of wine & one...
  15. bickern

    Two guard dogs that protected Prince William on RAF duty are destroyed

    Two guard dogs that protected Prince William as he worked for the RAF have been destroyed within days of his final shift. Brus, a Belgian shepherd, and Blade, a German shepherd, were put down after the prince left his role as a search and rescue pilot in North Wales. The dogs were destroyed on...
  16. juco

    Question re duty free in Turkey

    I will be flying to Turkey from UK but will be coming in from Ankara, I cant buy duty free (btle whisky) at uk airport as I wont get through at Ankara for the internal flight as over the liquid limit, I dont expect to have access to hold luggage so thats not an option. Does anyone know if Ankara...
  17. S

    uk - antalya via Istanbul duty free

    I've travelled to Antalya many times but this year we are travelling via Istanbul via Turkish Airlines. please can anyone help me regarding duty free. Will I be able to buy any alcohol, I usually purchase it in the UK but am unsure where I will stand taking it on the connecting flight, due to...
  18. L

    Duty Free Allowance back from Turkey

    Can anyone tell me what the duty free allowance is for cigarettes and cigars when we come back to england? Its not very clear on web!
  19. D

    duty on car parts brought in from abroad

    İ was wondering if anyone has experience of the costs and difficulties of bringing in new motor parts for my car--its a classic car and what i require can only be bought abroad(USA or UK)- it would be postal sized parcels.
  20. S

    Duty Free

    Is there anyone arriving at Dalaman Airport over the next week that would be willing to check the availability and price of an item in the Arrivals Duty Free? Not asking to have it purchased, just want to know if it is there- otherwise will need to get at Waitrose, as friends all flying from...
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