1. John O' Dreams

    Please Stop Telling the Moderators their Duties

    Moderators - the following threads need to be closed - I don't like them: Cosmetic Dentist - Bodrum (I already have a dentist), New English Newspaper.... (I get my news on the internet), Dalaman Airport (never use it), Annual fees - who sets... (my place isn't on a complex), Tansas Opening! (I...
  2. B

    What are the duties of Estate Agents

    Hi Mushtaq, Help!You seemed to imply I should start a new thread on this topic. So here goes on your head be it! I am a client not an agent, I'm also a new member so forgive me if I've got it wrong. I've got a tax number, set up a bank account,furnished the house,without the agent's...
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