1. Kingfisher

    Netherlands Election

    Wilders beaten in Dutch elections? According to exit polls. Dutch election exit polls: Mark Rutte's VVD party on track to win most seats after support for Geert Wilders drops off Dutch election exit polls: Mark Rutte's VVD party on track to win most seats after support for Geert Wilders drops...
  2. juco

    Dutch referendum vote on Ukraine

    Voters in the Netherlands have rejected in a referendum an EU partnership deal removing trade barriers with Ukraine, exit polls suggest. Some 64% of voters said "No" to the agreement, with 36% voting in favour of it, pollster Ipsos says. However, it is not clear if turnout has reached the 30%...
  3. teosgirl

    Dutch parliament calls on EU to freeze Turkey funds

    Dutch Parliament calls on EU to freeze funds for Turkey Well, the EU deal might be over before it began. Charlotte
  4. W

    Dutch Social Group?

    I already found several social groups that organize stuff but was wondering if there exists one specificly for Dutch people living in Kusadasi
  5. Mushtaq

    Dutch journalist to be tried in Turkey on 'terror propaganda' charges

    Indictment of Dutch journalist in Turkey heightens press freedom fears A Turkish prosecutor has formally accused a Dutch journalist of “terrorist propaganda” and asked she be jailed for up to five years, local media have reported. The move will deepen fears over press freedom in the Nato member...
  6. pineapple1

    Anyone Speak Dutch Please ?

    I'm looking for any member who can speak Dutch .. I need a short message tranlating ... If you do could you pm me please ......................Thank you ....Diane
  7. L

    Dutch countertenor from Istanbul to ....?

    Hi you all, My name is Rudi. I live in Istanbul but are looking for a place quieter and smaller in the South (west) of Turkey. I am countertenor (male alto). Finding other musicians to make classical (baroque) music is my main goal. Furthermore I might have to have a steady job. Perhaps knowing...
  8. So

    Reporter looking for Dutch people in Turkey

    Hi guys, It might be a long shot to post this here, but you might now some Dutchies in your area that fit the description. a Dutch reporter is looking for Dutch men/women married to Turks that are (some times) thinking of returning back to Holland due to e.g. not being able to (find) work...
  9. ceemac

    Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders makes strong showing in local polls

    I think there was a thread about this guy previously but I can't find it. .Geert Wilders, the radical anti-Muslim Dutch politician, was celebrating a symbolic breakthrough on Thursday as his party won control of its first municipality in a show of strength ahead of June's general election..'...
  10. merlin

    Dutch Select Turkish Inter Airlines as Most Punctual Company....

    The Turkish company Inter Airlines operating out of Antalya has been selected as the "most punctual" airline company in the first half of the year, according to research conducted by the Dutch Civil Aviation Organization and Statistics Department Directorate. In the year 2003, the company...
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