1. bickern

    AKP to reduce duration of compulsory military service to 12 months

    The government, as in Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ, announced on Friday that the AKP will introduce legislation that will reduce the duration of compulsory military service from 15 to 12 months as soon as possible. I think this is not before time and the sooner they reduce it to nil the...
  2. D

    distance and duration of trip -izmir to didim

    i am as usual scouting for a holiday place -we have searched around kusadasi but the hilly nature was a bit of a problem and my wife keeps suggesting didim so i was wondering if anyone knows the trip duration and kms from İzmir. we drive but might sometimes revert to coach-any info please?
  3. J

    Do I require my visitors visa to be valid for the duration of my stay?

    I visited Dalaman in April and my visitor's visa is valid for 90 days. It was stamped on entry and exit and I notice it is a multiple visit visa. I am returning in July and the visa will still be valid when I enter Turkey but will have expired a few days before I leave. Do I need to get another...
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