1. V

    Barred from work after travel to Japan due to Coronavirus

    Just had to help my daughter out. She has returned from a holiday in Japan today, only to be told not to go into work for 14 days. She works as a carer for just one client. This has left her financially struggling to pay her bills this month. Not only has she lost 2 weeks salary, but she had...
  2. D

    First MOT test due?

    First MOT test for a car is due 3 years from date of first registration - right? (Plenty of publicity to this effect.) Wrong! At least if your car was assembled outside Turkey. My Ford Focus, first reg 5-12-2012 was due its first test on 9-10-2014 according to rather small print (in English I...
  3. S

    Credit where it's due

    We here so much on here about rip off Turkey that it's nice to report something different Yesterday we had a few things to do in Yalikavak ie bank etc so we decided to have some lunch and do a bit of shopping.So after buying a bagful of scarfs which Paula told me were half the price of home and...
  4. G

    Redevelopment due to earthquake laws

    Hi, I hope someone who has actually been through this process recently can help me. I live in Istanbul in an apartment in a building that is about 30 years old. I own my apartment. Taking advantage of changes made a few years ago, a 2/3 majority of homeowners in my building voted to have our...
  5. E

    Overstay due to passport loss and health problems

    Dear All, If any one can advise what to do since I have lost my passport and all my family as well in the tram, I already have an appointment to get the permit to stay but without passport it is impossible and I have to go back to Libya to get a new passport, we all passed the 90 allowed...
  6. E

    SGK is due when?

    I joined the SGK last month and payed for parts of this month about 2 weeks ago. Can somebody tell me in what time period I have to pay my fee for the oncoming months?
  7. H

    Basement flooding due to water table rising

    Does anybody know where I can get one of these, preferably in the Marmaris/Mugla/Dalaman/Bodrum area. ACO Junior® anti-flood backflow floor drain system - ACO Building Drainage - on ESI.info My basement tends to flood, only by an inch or so, when we have very heavy rain. I think that it comes...
  8. Helenm150

    Not paying due care and attention

    I spoke with my mother last night (aged 80) and she was telling me about a shameful incident in her local supermarket where a woman obviously in a tremendous hurry and not paying due care and attention bashed into her with some momentum with something heavy - my mum said it felt like metal so it...
  9. juco

    Soldiers job axed 3 days before retirement due!

    How low will this government stoop. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2377260/Army-axes-hero-days-short-pension-Sergeant-wait-hes-60-collecting-package-worth-90-000.html#ixzz2aAOUBKaQ
  10. lara

    Gale force winds due tomorrow.

    Apprantly there are 120ml a hour winds due to hit Marmaris tomorrow, schools are closed and heavy rain expected. I supposed it could be worse, I could be back home where it's still snowing.
  11. P

    Delay of caravan due to weather

    Hi All, Due to the terrible weather today, we were not able to move the caravan, hence we will not be there tomorrow. Please look for us next week. Sorry for any inconvenience. ALSO PLEASE NOTE We will start attending the used market in Yalikavak on Saturday's selling goods to benefit the...
  12. Firefox

    Death due to Gay

    The new Archbishop of Scotland has linked the death of an MP in scotland to being Gay. Glasgow’s archbishop-elect links MP’s death to gay lifestyle - News - Scotsman.com God speaks in one word no matter what religion, How many gay marriages is the New Archbishop of Scotland going to...
  13. Kalkan regular

    Kalkan - due to cancellation in August big reduction for 2 bed apartment for rent

    Our immacualte 2 bedroom apartment at the very popular Emir Development is always fully booked but we have just had a 3 week cancellation for August. The apartment has on site management who service the apartments and is in a great location, within walking distance to and from the old town. You...
  14. N

    Due diligence

    Does anyone know, if an agent promotes a due diligence, and it holds information which is incorrect, can they be held responsible for things going wrong?
  15. W

    damage due to weather

    Can anyone tell me if there is any damage at sunflower due to the recent bad weather only im due out on thursday just wondering what to expected dont want any surprises. Thanks vicky E1
  16. ceemac

    Lives marred due to a lack of testing

    Sorry, have to reproduce this in full as stories from this publication do not link for some reason. "Three children developed mental disabilities as a result of not receiving a mandatory test for a genetic disorder. Treatment would have been possible had the children been diagnosed earlier for...
  17. ceemac

    Skin cancer risk soars due to foreign holidays

    The risk of skin cancer has more than quadrupled in the last 30 years as the older generations suffer the effects of the first mass holidays to sunny foreign destinations, research suggests. Here C
  18. C

    Due to get my Tapu !!

    I am due to get my Tapu sorted in October as clearance is finally back. Now I have a question. I need to insure the apartment in Fethiye and wanted to tap all you good TLF members for possible companies i can contact for quotes. I am aware of the Intrasure on here and have heard mention of...
  19. bickern

    Foreigners pass up on home purchases in Turkey due to extraordinary bureaucracy

    The process involved in sale of homes to foreigners in Turkey is still full of problems for all sides. Various bureaucratic barriers and security investigations that take a long time are turning out to be quite expensive for Turkey in the end. The fact that permission often takes six months to...
  20. SuperBogs

    Suspects in NY jihad plot due in court

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York's mayor and police chief sought to calm Jewish worshipers on Thursday, the morning after authorities said they foiled a plot to blow up two synagogues and simultaneously shoot down military planes. Four men arrested in the suspected plot were due to appear in...
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