1. B

    Tumble Dryer

    Will be returning t o Dalyan soon and need to purchase a tumble dryer. Happy to buy a second hand machine but there doesn't seem to be a second hand outlet in Dalyan. Has anyone got one for sale or could suggest somewhere to look?
  2. mamish

    Tumble dryer for sale

    Indesit tumble dryer model IDV65(UK). 6kg capacity. Few marks but good working order. Collection near Koycegiz. 250TL
  3. pembelu

    WANTED- tumble dryer / fridge freezer .can collect. koycegiz based.

    anyone selling pls contact me thanks and decent fridge freezer also pls
  4. P

    Wanted - Tumble dryer around Fethiye area

    Hi.Has anyone got a tumble dryer for sale,in good condition please.
  5. Yalides

    Catholic Hair Dryer

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  6. M

    tumble dryer

    i know this might sound daft to some people especially now its nice weather, but i want to buy a tumble dryer. when we were out there a few weeks ago some of the washing was still a bit damp when bringing it in, especially the towels. we always do last minute washing and tend to leave it on the...
  7. P

    The hair dryer again.

    Rooney axed over Boxing Day dinner with Coleen | Mail Online What happened to the season to be merry.Could there be a bit of activity coming during the transfer window.
  8. dalid69

    Beko tumble dryer for sale

    Hi all,i have an almost new and hardly used Beko tumble dryer for sale,its the same size as a washing machine not a small one like the uk its ideal for winter times when you cant get things dry quick enough,my wife is out there for another week or so,if interested then pm me and i can send you...
  9. dalid69

    Cooker and Dryer

    Hi have an Arcelik gas cooker for sale its white with a glass top and fan assisted electric oven,used but in excellent condition,i also have a very little used full size clothes dryer its a Beko D60KB bought last year and wasnt cheap,im open to sensible offers for either. Paul
  10. L

    Tumble Dryer

    Hi everyone I want to buy a tumble dryer for my apartment as we are planning to use it during the winter months. Ive checked the Arcelik website and they seem to be about £400!!! Dryers in the UK start at around £100, I dont mind paying double but four times as much seems a little ridiculous...
  11. E

    Washer & Dryer US type - question.

    ok gang....I know probably this is dumb question but am gonna go ahead and shoot anyways. got no other way around it. do appliance stores in Turkey carry same type of Washer & Dryer used in the States...did some research but came up empty handed..... as i said it may and most probably it is a...
  12. A

    Clothes Dryer

    Looking to buy a used clothes dryer and other household stuff if anyone can help please let me know. thankyou Azra
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