1. beyazbayan

    Drunks in A & E

    Drunk people should be kept out of A&E because they are a 'waste of resources' and scare other patients, say nurses Some nurses think drunks should be treated in alcohol recovery centres Say they distract staff from ill and injured people and distress patients But other nurses say this...
  2. C

    Drunks falling out of trees

    the latest craze in new zealand is playing "possum". climbing up a tree with an amount of alcohol, then drinking until someone falls out of the tree! this not suprisingly has lead to a number of broken bones. brings back memories of when i was younger - although i dont think i was that...
  3. shirleyanntr

    two drunks

    Two drunks were staggering home and took a shortcut though a cemetary . They heard a chip chip chipping noise…it terrified them.and sobered them up ..then they came upon a little old man sitting with a hammer and chisel, chipping away at a name on a gravestone. ‘ooh we had a fright then..we...
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