1. altinkum kev

    Austrian drowned in Fethiye

    A 53 year old woman from Austria drowned in the Gulf of Fethiye yesterday. The woman arrived in town to visit her boyfriend and to arrange their wedding at the registrar’s office. While her 45 year old fiancé was at the office the woman waited at a restaurant on the promenade. It was here...
  2. suzyq

    Gypsy gang 'deliberately drowned' elderly pony in lake in front of horrified families

    How can people do this A gang of gypsies deliberately drowned an elderly pony in a lake - in front of horrified fishermen and families. The group killed the animal by pushing its trap deeper and deeper into a popular Hampshire lake until it was completely submerged. A brave fisherman dived...
  3. G

    Local Boy Drowned in Akbuk (16th Aug)

    I have just got back from a 3 week holiday in Akbuk and can sadly report that a local 18 yeard old boy drowned on Wed 16th Aug, his body I believe was discoved the following day. Our thoughts go out to the poor family involved. Did anyone notice see the helicopter circling around the bay for...
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