1. H

    Sterling dropping?

    Deniz Bank's website shows 2 columns on their Currency Rates "Change rate" & "Exchange rate" can anyone tell me which is the one to check when exchanging sterling to Turkish lira? Is it looking like sterling is going to drop much further in the near future? Cheers, Martin
  2. Squeaky

    ADSL dropping connection

    Good Morning: My ADSL drops or goes screwy whenever anyone calls me on my land line. It can be working well, yes, it sometimes actually does work, but as soon as the phone is used the connection drops and the only thing that will get it going again seems to be to turn it off and on again. Is...
  3. L

    Name dropping again !

    Sorry but I need to name drop again ! :kafa: My latest lovely clients son, was the eldest child in the film NEVERLAND with Johny Depp.They met him and said he was a lovely guy.I am soooooo jealous ! AND anyone remember the pop group AHA from Norway ? The guitarist just bought a fabulous...
  4. L

    Name dropping .....

    I am having one hell of a week ! Last week I sold one of our apartments to a nice Turkish guy living in Birmingham.We went out for a meal.Turned out he used to be a Turkish film Actor. This week went for a meal with nice guy who bought one of apartments last year and he is a British TV actor and...
  5. merlin

    Turkey Achieves EU Average with Unemployment Dropping to 9.1%

    Zaman Economic recovery in Turkey has finally started to reflect on unemployment figures. According to Turkish State Institute of Statistics (DIE) figures, unemployment has dropped to 9.1 percent and the country has caught up to the European Union (EU) average. The unemployment rate was 11.5...
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