1. bickern

    Istanbul by Drone

    ISTANBUL BY DRONE Perhaps more than any other city, Istanbul, Turkey was destined by geography to become a great city. It bridges (a) Europe and Asia across the Straits of Bosphorus and (b) the Mediterranean and Black Seas through that same narrow body of water. Uniquely, it is simultaneously...
  2. yalimart

    Bodrum Drone Clips

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOSf2mt49d5wFBBLlB5gQ6Q?fbclid=IwAR1NlW3wn-n7RI2XT39t3adZpNsRwAj_12tKj10pUMULdHrVdybGrDh2aAg Could be of interest to someone, not had a look at any yet but apologies in advance if the drone was peeping through someones bedroom window. Martin
  3. juco

    I bought a drone

    I bought a drone off Ebay but damned if I can get it to fly.

    Drone photo`s

    Couple of shots of Gumusluk from drone
  5. D

    Drone photography?

    Anyone know someone who might do some video photography with a drone. Several future jobs possible.
  6. B

    Taliban leader killed by drone attack.

    Afghan Taliban's Mullah Mansoor 'killed in US strike' - AJE News Well it looks like these drones are doing a good job, in getting rid of these scum. Bill.
  7. B

    Drone. Anyone got a camera carrying Drone

    Hi. I want to make a promo video of my property using a quad copter drone . If you have one I would be happy to commission your time to help me make a video. I have flown them in the UK and they are great fun . Regards Alan
  8. A

    Hacked US spy drone

    MP: Downing of US spy drone a chance to improve local technology Tehran, Dec 11, IRNA – A parliamentarian said here on Sunday that the downing of the US drone by the Iranian armed forces is a chance to enhance the relevant local technologies. MP: Downing of US spy drone a chance to improve...
  9. tykatem

    Britons Killed By US Drone

    Two British terrorism suspects have died in a US drone strike in northwest Pakistan, their family and friends believe. Ibrahim Adam and Mohammed Azmir were thought to have been killed by a CIA missile in Waziristan, a region which borders Afghanistan. A close friend of Azmir's family, who did...
  10. P

    The Daily Drone

    The Daily Drone Ladies' Things By Blanche Celery Hello ladies! Yes, it's time for some girlie talk in these male-dominated columns! Today I want to discuss how you can make yourself more beautiful so you can attract more men. You don't have to look like an old dog if you don't want to...
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