1. yalimart

    Audi Drivers

    As a responsible Dacia Duster driver I have to agree with the following, any Audi drivers out there ? Martin
  2. M

    Inquiry about private drivers

    Hi there, I have my own car and I'm looking for a private driver in Ankara, what is the average salary for a private driver? How to find one? Is there's any sort of agencies, online services...etc that can help us to find a driver? and thanks in advance
  3. Yalides

    Migrant train drivers

    London's all-night Tube services is postponed indefinitely following unions strike action | Daily Mail Online 50K not enough for the indigenous so great job opportunity for migrants.....
  4. gally

    100 year old drivers

    Watched a documentary last night on britain's oldest drivers. Interesting to see peoples views on driving at such an old age and also the drivers views themselves. What's your view? Should there be a legal requirement to re-assess a person's ability to drive after a particular age has been...
  5. S

    Women drivers!!!!

    Lol Get a load of this Watch videos showing bad drivers from around the world | Yahoo Screen UK
  6. Jaycey

    Turkish drivers

    I saw a car with a bumper sticker ‘I am a vet so I drive like an animal'. Then I realised how many gynaecologists there are on our roads :speaknoev
  7. pineapple1

    TR Bad Drivers Solution !!!!!!

    I really really think this could mean the end of Turkeys bad drivers !! Rescue Dogs Taught How To Drive A Car - Yahoo! News UK Let the people walk and employ all the street dogs instead Hahahahaha ......Diane
  8. giglets

    Bloody Turkish Drivers - Dog Knocked Down

    We were driving down to Fethiye yesterday afternoon to take one of our wee kittens for a booster shot at the Vet's, had just crossed over the main coast road (D400) and were heading through Gunlukbaşi. We saw a couple of young dogs running up towards us, on the other side of the road and a bit...
  9. Tommie

    East Midlands Trains drivers' strike

    Note that East Midlands trains drivers may be on strike on the 3rd May. This will affect you if you are travelling to/from Luton or East Midlands airports. They were on strike yesterday. East Midlands does not look too bad but I can't see any trains scheduled for Luton. BBC News - East...

    For all the Turkish drivers out there..

  11. tykatem

    Women drivers turn men gay....

    Allowing Women To Drive Would Mean No More Virgins, Saudi Arabia Religious Council Says. It would seem that now women drivers are driving men to gayness,,is it true? Allowing Women To Drive Would Mean No More Virgins, Saudi Arabia Religious Council Says Where's Jeremy!!!!! Pete
  12. Yalides

    Reckless drivers

    New clampdown on uninsured drivers as Government vows to 'get tough' on reckless drivers | Mail Online Unless, of course, you are somebody far to important to be banned.
  13. newhorizon

    Vettel wins F1 Drivers Champship

    Ok, Last race Sebastian Vettels win spiced everything up in the Drivers championship...there is ONE Race to go its @ Abu Dhabi and its this weekend!! Who would you like to win? Whom do you think will win? Mathematicaly speaking only the 4 drivers below are in with a chance. Lewis Hamilton's...

    Fecking turkish drivers !

    Yesterday[saturday]after a lovely relaxing day on the beach at Bitez,we made our way back home to Bodrum on the trusty Mondial m/cycle.On entering Gumbet we came up the hill past Sues Place,to the top of the road by the Windmill, to carry on out of town & saw a transfer coach facing of us...
  15. ceemac

    Anger Management Classes For Bus Drivers

    Public bus drivers in Istanbul are going to learn anger management techniques, crisis management methods and also about their rights and responsibilities in a new training program. Thousands of drivers will complete the training within two years. Here C
  16. lara

    Muslim Women Learner Drivers

    This was a programme on TV last night, me and my husband laughed til we cried. The programme followed a number of muslim women has they embarked on learning to drive, the women ranged from a grandmother, whos husband was sick and she needed to take him for hospital visits, to a quite middle...
  17. uncle fester

    Overweight Stagecoach bus drivers are to go on a fitness drive

    Heavyweight bus drivers are to go on a fitness drive to prevent them breaking their seats. Stagecoach in Hull has sent letters to all its staff explaining the need for fat drivers to lose weight. The company claims there is a health and safety risk of drivers topping 20 stone breaking new...
  18. bobthenob

    Dunderhead drivers

    This accident is one of many that occur regularly on the roads around the area of Altinkum.And this doesn't surprize me one bit.By the way they drive,one would think that they want to cause an accident. :car: :crutch: Tailgating is so common at high speeds,that it has now become a sport to the...
  19. shirleyanntr

    istanbul taxi drivers

    did anyone see the bbc news programme the other evening about istanbul taxi drivers.? Apparently they are being trained on how to treat tourists. They are also having english lessons and so on. But of the drivers interviewed one couldnt speak english but knew İstanbul very well.. another had...
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