1. IbrahimAbi

    Turkish female bus driver hits...

    The Headlines. A female Turkish bus driver, Pelin Aslantaş, has suddenly hit headlines after Ivanka Trump, the daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, mentioned her in a tweet. “Check out Pelin’s story as the first female bus driver in Edirne, Turkey from @UN Women ‘From where I stand’...
  2. suzyq

    Van Driver Killed In Calais

    A van driver was today killed in an accident caused by UK-bound migrants blocking a road on the outskirts of Calais. The horrifying collision killed the man instantly as his Polish-registered Renault Master caught fire on the A16 motorway. He has not yet been identified. A group of migrants...
  3. L

    Free driver update.

    Is there a free program to update drivers and general clean up,I use Superantispyware at the moment.
  4. suzyq

    Confused Taxi Driver

    The Esenboğa Airport in the Turkish capital Ankara was on full alert on July 24 when a car somehow ended up at the start of the runway, ready for take-off. The unprecedented incident, which was reported for the first time by daily Hürriyet on Aug. 27, began when a 63-year-old driver flew to...
  5. U

    Need a driver from Bodrum to Dalaman 9th August

    Hello, i need someone who can drive me to Dalaman on the 9th of August. My boyfriend is landing at 11.05 in the morning and I have rented a car from Bodrum but I can't drive :( We will be be going to Olimpos and can take you some where in between Dalaman and Olimpos.
  6. shirleyanntr

    İstanbul bus driver punches woman

    talk about a short fuse..she tried to give as good as she got but he really punched her in the face..terrible VIDEO: Bus driver beats woman in traffic fight - LOCAL
  7. M

    Car driver sought.

    Does anybody know of a way to trace the owner of a vehicle in Turkey using the registration number, and if so, how? Have been to the police. and as it is, to them, a minor issue, they are not really interested. Thanks
  8. C

    Taxi Driver - City Tour

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a taxi company/driver who would be happy to give a family of 5 (2 adults, 1 who thinks he is and 2 young kids) a city tour of Alanya during the first 2 weeks of August? As I understand it would be cheaper for us as family to do it this way than book an organised...
  9. C

    Renting car and driver for day

    Hi all, I want to do a day trip to Perge and stop by Aspendos and Side. In order to do this without dealing with "cultural" stops (i.e. souvenir shops) that tours arrange, I wanted to go about just hiring a car and a driver to shuttle a family about for a day. Does anyone know approximate...
  10. K

    Driver's License for my situation

    Hi all! I tried to find the right forum for this, but couldn't find one specifically about driver's licenses so I'm dumping it here. I'm from the US and I've been in Turkey on a residence permit for 3 years. I recently renewed my license in the states and am wondering what I need to do to...
  11. T

    Driver hits 3 people

    Footage of a driver who drove into 3 people, no attempt seems to have been made to swerve in a road where there was no traffic. Scary that people will just drive at people with total disregard for their lives. -Video - DRAMATIC CCTV FOOTAGE: Police Release Video of Hit and Run
  12. Tommie

    More London Midland trains hit by driver shortage

    It's really unbelievable the reasons we are give for trains either being cancelled or not running on time, Now we have the excuse "Not enough drivers" Is it that they can't find the right sort of person to train as a driver, or does it take too long to train them, or are'nt there enough...
  13. arrian

    Cured of Cancer-killed by driver

    this has to be the saddest story i have read for some time Mother gets cancer all clear but dies in car crash days later | Mail Online
  14. P

    hire minibus and driver - izmir to kalkan November 2012

    Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for hiring a minibus and driver for 2 adults and 1 child plus 1 well behaved dog. We are travelling to Turkey at the end of October via train from Scotland and can only get as far as Izmir by train, which is fine because I want to spend a day or 2 there...
  15. I

    Driver wanted for August

    As you may know, I'm relocating to the UK at the end of August. My toy poodle will be ready to leave Turkey on August 24th and I need a driver to take him to Fethiye because he is flying from Dalaman airport to Gatwick. As I live in Istanbul I need a driver to take my dog from Istanbul to...
  16. S

    need van and driver

    hello;) need help with moving some funiture from istanbul to bulgaria, good price paid. must have license to take funiture over the border.
  17. Firefox

    Drink Driver Crashed Home

    I had a very bad night sleep last night when two rich russian lads crashed their porsche next door to me. They were High on Champagne & Smirnoff. I can’t wait till England goes Shira Law so we can get these idiots Flogged. Porsche left balancing precariously over ledge after smashing through...
  18. Firefox

    First Women Driver Dies

    The first women driver who defied the total ban on women driving in Saudi has died in a fatal car crash. Here Female driver who defied Saudi motoring ban dies in fatal accident | Mail Online I wonder if the Saudi State had a hand in this?? Tragic never the less.
  19. DRACEY

    Tyrone the getaway driver. From " Snatch "

    ‪Snatch - Tyrone Getaway Driver‬‏ - YouTube
  20. Yogi

    Are Turkish driver's this bad?

    I've seen some bad driving in my time but this will take some beating, it's just unreal. Cyclists Mowed down in Porto Alegre
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