1. gally

    NAZO Powdered drinks sachets

    Hi Could anyone please tell me where I can get NAZO sugar free powdered drink sachets in the Side/Manavgat area? We used to get them from our local market shop in Kizilot but he's stopped doing them and I don't know where to get them now. None of the usual Migros, Bim etc seem to have them so...
  2. C


    Hi, soon be in Altinkum, can anyone tell me please are any bars doing 2 for 1 at the moment. Thanks..Caz.
  3. A

    Price of drinks

    A friend of one of our party has just come back from Side and told him that a pint of Efes is now £10 - I think AND HOPE he means 10 lira - can somebody please confirm. Many thanks
  4. S

    Drinks anyone?

    Sod this I am going for a beer Anyone game?
  5. keny

    wholesale drinks UK Aegean

    I notice the price of beers is going up a lot. There is a company based I think in altinkum that delivers widely. If a number of people got together with a big order you might be able to save money on buying from the supermarkets.
  6. jaimie

    Out on Nov 3rd, Drinks anyone??

    Good afternoon everyone, I will be in Akbuk from the 3rd Nov for a few weeks to do some work on my place, if anyone is bored and fancy meeting up for a drink please let me know, am by myself on this trip so at the risk of sounding like billy no mates would be great to see some of you guys...
  7. newhorizon

    Do Diet drinks (and Diet Foods) make you Fatter?

    I'm sure some of you may have seen the recent news article floating around at the moment regarding a Study carried out in the U.S. which has an increasing obesity problem and health-related issues on: diet drinks and obesity. They did a study on 1500 people and the results found those that...
  8. S

    Shirleys bday drinks

    Despite it being almost 40 degrees I have decided to go and have a bday drink for Shirl in our little village. But such a hot day and a 10 min walk I hear you cry-Its the least I can do to mark this ladies arrival on this planet all those many many years ago. If anyone else can think of a...
  9. val2661

    Husky drinks cooler

    I have for sale a Husky Drinks cooler in black. Brand new and never been used, but removed from box. I brought this out from the UK. Cost me almost £100, will accept 100TL. I'm based in Alanya. Val
  10. S

    Drinks prices rocket!!!!!!!

    Turkish consumers dazed by another alcohol tax increase - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  11. D

    Alumium drinks cans

    Is there anywhere in Akbuk that I can deposit my empty drinks cans for recycling? I just hate putting them in the rubbish bins :boohoo:. I am sure that some charity here must collect them for the money. I have a large sack of MT Effes cans (NO WITTY COMMENTS PLEASE!) Cheers Derek Giles
  12. yalimart

    favourite 3 drinks

    Just sat here drinking a bottle of wine, its one i have never tried before and to be honest its pretty good. That got me to thinking what my favourite wine is ........... favourite beer is ........... favourite spirit is ............. love white zinfandel, enjoy draught boddingtons (rare...
  13. Yalides

    Money off next seasons drinks

    So which is the restaurant in Gumusluk which is giving money off next seasons drinks for a lump sum payment in advance this season. Before you ask I know for sure that its not Jim and Kens Gonuncelen restaurant. Smart request when you are in debt huh ?
  14. zuberdust

    2O Unhealthiest drinks in AMERICA... shocking..

    20. Worst Light Beer Samuel Adams Light (12 oz bottle) 124 calories 10 g carbohydrates Not a bad beer, but don't think you can sit around sipping these for four quarters without eventually paying the price in belly fat. With tasty beers like Beck's 64-calorie Premier Light readily available...
  15. yalimart

    charter flight drinks prices

    a bit of a spin off from another thread but can any one say what the charters are charging for drinks this year, ie gin and tonic, vodka and coke ? trying to do my calcs as to who we fly woth later in the year. martin
  16. B

    Cordial drinks in Turkey?

    Does anyone have any idea if they sell fruit cordial drinks in any of Alktinkum's supermarkets? If they do, we must have missed them 'cause we only seem to see bottles of fizzy drinks. Thanks. Mel (and Anne)
  17. S

    35 ntl 3 course meal all local drinks inclusive

    didim cafe and restaurant. 3 course meal all local drinks inclusive, went last night 8 of us t bone steak spot on loads of effes vodka/cokes 35 lira, good food, good night would recommend winter offer only can arrange pick ups tel no 8131814 7pm- midnight. steve :28:
  18. Struggs

    Turkish Drinks

    My friend will only drink the 'proper' Bacardi, but is tempted to try the Turkish equivalent, if there is one. If so, what is it called, anyone know what it's like and what is the approx. price.
  19. M


    :) he we will be in kalkan from the 23sep anyone up for a few beers and a laugh one evening :) down at sandals bar or the yacht point mikkie and pat
  20. Andy


    Everybody Drinks! Terry walks into a bar and shouts, "When I drink, everybody drinks!". Everybody is cheering him and applauding like crazy. Feeling great, Terry finishes his beer, asks for another one and shouts, "When I drink again, everybody drinks again!". Once again, everybody is cheering...
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