1. bal canavar

    Sacked for Drinking

    Is this against the law now?????? It was before Ramadan. Turkey’s ruling AKP demands resignation of ‘alcohol drinking’ official MUĞLA - Doğan News Agency l Turkey’s ruling AKP demands resignation of ‘alcohol drinking’ official The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has requested the...
  2. Yalides

    Healthy drinking

    A glass of wine a day is good for you.
  3. Jaycey

    Keep on drinking ..

    ... well, wouldn't you?

    Arrested for drinking iced tea.

    Police State 101: Man Racially Profiled And Arrested For Drinking Arizona Ice Tea - YouTube
  5. gally

    Drinking water

    Hi We've just brought our puppy over from the UK for the first time, she's 9 months old but I'm not sure about the water out here. We always drink bottled water out here but I'm not sure whether or not to give her tap water or bottled water like us? I know the local dogs obviously drink the tap...
  6. T

    2 yr old died after drinking methadone

    What a sad state when a parent a child dies like this, the boy drank his mothers methadone while she was asleep. Court hears how two-year-old boy died after drinking his mum's methadone from sippy cup - Parentdish
  7. Sha Hoorsur


    I used to think that I drink too much, so I have decided to give up thinking.
  8. H

    Drinking culture

    On a more serious note than ginogs supposed joke its very sad to sometimes see so many ex pats end up with drinking problems when they stay abroad. I suppose its a combination of empty days and cheaper booze that pushes some to get too caught up in it. The AA groups do a great job and I do feel...
  9. bickern

    Dangers of drinking

    If you were around in 1919 and came upon the following poster…... I mean seriously, wouldn’t you just keep drinking? Sorry Ladies, no offence intended.
  10. M

    legal drinking age

    Is there such a thing as a legal drinking age in Turkey?
  11. L

    drinking local water

    ive been coming to Alanya now for 8 years. I come at least five times a year and for 6 weeks in the summer. I have been using tap water to clean my teeth fo a long time. Iv just bought a Brita water filter and was wondering if it would be ok to drink the water once filtered. What does anyone think?
  12. B

    Age limit on drinking alcohol.

    Hi, Just found this Sabah English - Every nation has alcohol regulations Now,what will happen to all those tens of thousands of people who come on holiday for a good time in resorts like Marmaris,Didim,Bodrum,Kusadasi and Antalaya etc.? Will they in effect be breaking the law to drink...
  13. shirleyanntr

    Drinking Rakı

    The right and wrong way to drink rakı :p this is a serious subject..and in the interests of cultural and hedonistic education let me entertain you. Let me fill your cup with whats best and worst about this ancient art.;) Because it is an art, to be savoured slowly reasonably logically at...
  14. pineapple1

    Drinking and Smoking

    I think its been a bit boring on here this last couple of days So time for a " polite" debate me thinks ..Sept 12th is no drinking day or its supposed to be , Well i'm tittled pink about it ..Why ??? Because many will now know what we smokers have to put up with and how we feel ....Not nice is...
  15. R

    Drinking and Holidays

    Hello I normally drink about 10 units a week, over the weekend, do not normally drink during the week. I have always liked drinking as I am quite shy and worry about things and drink relaxes me and helps me chill etc. I always drink more on holidays. On my last hol to turkey I worked out I...
  16. bobthenob

    Drinking Rain Water

    Has anyone been seriously considering the possibilities of collecting their own rain water for drinking here in Turkey.l worked it out the price for the consumption of the bottled water we buy in the shops on average is approx.4,000ytl,this includes my wife and l as well as my dog. Back in...
  17. bobthenob

    Drinking Raki

    A warning to all Raki drinkers when consuming large amounts. You start to see things that hasn’t appeared there before when sober.That old granny across the bar has suddenly turned into a well defined bosom sex bomb.You turn to your mates and mention the sexy bird across the bar mentioning l...
  18. Mushtaq

    Eating and Drinking places

    What are you favorite places in and around Altinkum for a drink and something to eat? I will add a poll so people can nominate the best ones in the area. Please let me know places to be added to the poll and I will update it. On my last visit, I thought the portions in most places had got...
  19. ZiaCa'

    Will you be drinking yours?!

    Recycled sewage struggles with yuk factor - Yahoo! News UK There's a sobering thought
  20. bobthenob

    Free drinking water

    l have this idea,which l know will work.Since the demand for water is growing every year and is putting a strain on the enviourment.l decided to open a thread,to give other members their ideas in preserving water,or even coming up with ideas on how to solve the problems we face nowadays. Here's...
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