1. christella

    Electric drill

    Just got back to England and brought back my Turkish electric drill with only two electric wires going into a plug how can I use it in England
  2. M

    Bench Drill

    Hi Does anybody have a bench drill which we could use for an hour or so in the next day or two, preferably in Yalikavak but we could probably reach most places in the Bodrum area? We are happy to fit in with times available and pay for the time we use.
  3. Yalides

    Drill for sale

    Picture coming 710W Hammer drill for sale. UK fittings, used a couple of times. Got an extension lead with UK fitting which can go with it. 50TL. Near or sensible offer considered. Reason for sale, don`t need two.... PM me if interested.
  4. N

    can I borrow your drill!

    I can picture you lot laughing! Our luggage space is maxed out due to the new curtains and bed clothes and everything else bar the kitchen sink. Pride of place is out welcome plaque which is to de drilled in to the wall as well as beautiful paintings I bought that I'm trying to pass off as...
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