1. E

    Dress code

    Am I being old-fashoned ? After the fairly recent fuss about mothers taking their kids to school in their PJs we now have this .... I even don't like it much if people come down to breakfast in hotels wearing their nightclothes - presumably unwashed .... Tesco has said shoppers wearing...
  2. I

    Bringing wedding dress on turkish airlines flight

    Hi all, I'm flying out to istanbul from uk to get married in a few weeks. Any suggestions how to carry my dress? It would fit in a cabin bag but I'm worried incase it creased too much. I tried to contact turkish airlines but the personal who deals with such queries is off until my wedding...
  3. I

    bit of help from the girls re marriage in registery office

    Girls quick question, when getting married in the registry office what to wear! When my friend married she wore a summer dress with nice hair and makeup, however my whole family want to come as they won't make our wedding party in my inlaws city and they are expecting me in a proper wedding...
  4. M

    Stunning, Rare vintage Ethnic Turkish Yoruk Tribal costume dress and helmet

    Stunning, Rare vintage Ethnic Turkish Yoruk Tribal costume dress and helmet RARE VINTAGE YORUK TRIBAL COSTUME CHILD'S TURKISH COSTUME DRESS AND ADULT HELMET - Vintage Turkish Yoruk Tribal Costume, decorated with coins and shells which has been used as a Wall Hanging Child's Dress/Tabbard and...
  5. B

    Estate agents Dress ups

    Its amazing how estate agents can take a photographs of different properties, and sell them.We looked at few properties, and made our own arrangement to come to Turkey. When we arrived here,we were told that some of the properties didn't have paper work or they were sold. We are lucky that we...
  6. H

    Henna Dress and wedding

    Hi guys can anyone help me i am getting married in dalyan in August can anyone recommend any helpful sites also we are having turkish wedding but want english ceremony also does anyone know if this is possible and where would i go to get some one to carry out the ceremony? any help would be...
  7. S

    Wedding Dress Shops

    Can anyone recommend any good wedding dress shops,please?
  8. mollag

    Appropriate dress

    From Hurriyet The campaign aims to educate exptariates about wearing appropriate dress. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. That is the message of two campaigns started by local women in the Gulf countries of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, Aljazeera website has reported. Najla al-Mahmoud...
  9. S

    Wedding Dress

    I am heading out to altinkum in 4 weeks time planning to get my wedding dress there, i went to Yenishar last year and seen some lovely dresses but have been advised to go to Izmir as lots more and nicer ones to choose from, can anyone give me advice on where exactly to go? If i get the bus to...
  10. arrian

    British people dress ugly

    talk about pot and kettle!!!!!! Vivienne Westwood criticises Britain?s bad dress sense - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
  11. arrian

    £78k-for a DRESS??????

    must be barmy!!!! Kate's see-through dress sells for £78,000 - Yahoo! News UK
  12. Tommie

    Fancy Dress - Guy Fawkes 5th November

    I'm considering having a fancy dress party next Friday, which, unfortunately, happens to be the 5th November. or the benefit of the non-British people, full details of Guy Fawkes can be found here Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night Does anyone know anyone they would like to dress up as Guy...
  13. arrian

    dress tips for police..or how to get dressed!!!

    Police taught to tuck in their shirts and tie their shoelaces using official flyers - Telegraph
  14. B

    Evening dress/Debs dress.

    Hi All, A request from my wife and daughter; Are Evening dresses/Debs dresses available for purchase in Bodrum area. They are looking for possibly a different style to the norm. Thanks in advance.
  15. culturevulture

    Street dress code for women

    Hi, What is the dress code for women when out and about on the streets in Alkinkum and Didim(especialy)? Is it acceptable to wear shorts and strappy tops when going about the daily stuff-shops, dolmus, etc.. I know it is acceptable in Bodrum/Gumbet and Kisadasi. I usually dress like this on...
  16. GnD

    Dress Codes for Tesco Supermarket

    In this supermarket nightwear wearing customers are so common they have introduced a dress code! I don't think I have ever seen such a clothed customer and struggling to stop laughing over the comment Tesco's loss is Aldi's gain. Lucky Aldi Cover up! No shopping in PJs or barefoot, Tesco...
  17. pembelu

    WANTED dress makers dummy or Mannequin

    dress makers dummy (adjustable or size 10- 14) or bust or mannequin wanted for cash - for display or clothes making purposes If anyone can help pls PM me we are in mugla area- koycegiz:eyeye: many thanks Pembelu
  18. bickern

    Debbie McGee hopes to make her dress disappear... on eBay

    Now I wonder how many members on here thought that Debbie McGee married Paul Daniels for ulterior motives other than love and thought the marriage would not last. They celebrate 20 years of married life this month, so I hold my hand up and say I was one of those that were wrong. I nearly...
  19. millilove76

    Horse Equipment, English Books...and a wedding dress!!

    I am having a New Year clear out so am selling the following items...will be sorting through things on a daily basis (spare rooms needs a clear out!) so will be adding as i go along... English Leather saddle...bought over from UK, 18 inch brown leather GP saddle has only been used a handful of...
  20. S

    Dress code for wedding guests

    Help - I am going to a Turkish wedding soon in Izmir but can't find out what the dress code is for women. The wedding isn't a strict Muslim one so are there any rules about the lenght of dresses (i.e. do they need to be below the knee) that I need to know???
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