1. bal canavar


    If I had some extra money it would be a nice dream to visit Singapore city state . I normally prefer historical architecture so would have picked the iconic Raffles hotel , but was intrigued with the new design of the Marina Sands hotel with sky deck which has a garden and infinity pool ...
  2. T

    J O Dreams Oba

    Hi Anyone had any dealings with this company, they are based in Oba, Alanya. Thanks, Tash
  3. Mojive

    Anyone know where John o Dreams is????

    Just wondering if anyone knows if he is alright, I miss him! Mo xx
  4. bickern

    Where is John O' Dreams

    ─░ posted an ─░rish joke earlier today and was looking forward to a reciprocal post from JOD then realised he has not posted for a while. Anyone know where he has gone to? Hope he has not joined the long term absent because I for one enjoy his thought provoking posts.
  5. vidanueva

    Dreams DO come true))

    At last! Have arrived! After so many months of cold and snow, the first feeling at the airport was: HOT)) Great!
  6. A89

    The Lake of Dreams

    Has anyone here read 'The Lake of Dreams' or ' The Memory Keepers Daughter' by Kim Edwards?
  7. perfect1949

    tell us your most vivid dreams

    we all have dreams , some bad some good what is your's . you know when you wake up and you remember the dream . dave
  8. maggie

    End of our Dreams for the DREAMBOX.

    Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Does your Dreambox face a black out? Have we all be duped yet again by being told the DREAM BOX was the best thing since sliced bread??????? Hugs Maggie xx:crying:
  9. R

    Hopes and Dreams

    Hello I have always dreamed of travellng for several months at a time. Love to travel around Australia for 3-4 months and Thailand for a few months. My hubby runs his own company and works very long hours and does not get much time for himself. During our free time we look after my Nanny and...
  10. M

    dreams finally destroyed--update

    well i have been holding back hoping i could update you with good news but depending which day i wrote this on it changes!! You will see from previous post that my emlak was very upset that i had the gaul to say these things and assured me all debts had been paid months before,well no surprise...
  11. M

    dreams finally destroyed

    i have not wrote on here for quite awhile mainly because my husband was dying with cancer. We had bought a villa in Altinkum (or thought we had)and was going to retire early while we could enjoy some quality time together. Same old story we bought from someone who we thought was a very good law...
  12. G

    demolished dreams

    I just got this email today fro themovechannel.com This is a possibility for ANY country and it's scary. As much as I want a property on the beach, I think 300-500 meters will be the safest. News like this can make the most adventerous buyer paranoid. I thought the forum readers would find this...
  13. R

    Awful Dreams

    Hello I am always having terrible dreams and can mostly always remember them. Last night I had a dream the world ended. The sky went a red colour and a huge hole appreared in the sky. Things started being dragged into this black hole( guess that's what it was) and there was this awful noise...
  14. merlin

    Turkey EU Dreams.... Doubts Raised v Hopes Mounting....

    Turkey EU Dreams.... Doubts Raised v Hopes Mounting.... Extract from Zaman News Agency.... Messages coming from members of the European Union (EU), which has undergone a critical process following the European Constitution rejection in France and The Netherlands, paved the way for...
  15. Mushtaq

    How can i tell my dreams (not to sleep with you)

    My eyes have finally learned not to weep for you My arms know there's no need to reach for you But as long as my heart tells my mind what to do How can I tell my dreams not to sleep with you? Busy days I find ways to keep you off my mind Still you know you come and go about a thousand times...
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