1. J


    Does anyone know a good reliable Dreambox service in Fethiye?Thanks.
  2. G

    Dreambox in belek

    Hi guys, Think I may have posted in the wrong section earlier! Dreambox in belek, alive or dead? Heading to my villa in April and I've got 2 boxes. Since the astra2e sat was launched, can someone tell me if channels can still be picked up? Bt sports, espn was working whilst over in July 2013...
  3. G

    Dreambox in Turkey

    Can anyone tell me what the latest status is with a dreambox in turkey is? Now that 2 of the beams have been changed, have all channels gone or can we still get bt sport espn etc I have pm'd the usual posters who seem to know it all but as yet I haven't received any messages back, so best just...
  4. F

    Installing wired internet or mobile for dreambox.

    We are heading over for a month in July and I am thinking about bringing the dreambox. The problem is our place does not have a wired internet. Is it a big problem to get wired internet into a house and what is the outlay if it is possible. If that is not an option I have a Vodafone modem that I...
  5. G

    dreambox with astra 2f

    Ok guys, Tried pm the usual suspects who seem to know whats going on with no replies. I have had my 2 boxes up and running for 2 years now, one a dm500and the other a dm800se. Can someone pm with whatever workaround they know of for the signal loss. I have my own reliable lines which I use in...
  6. A

    dreambox, whats happening

    Can anyone tell me what,s happening with the dreambox, we have lost sky astra channels , amd also itv1 thru the internet feed from the dreambox. Thanks .
  7. N

    Dreambox problems.

    Finally got my dreambox setup. However on 28.2 my sky sports are showing as scrambled. On hotbird sky Italian everything is unscrambled. Does anyone else get sky sports and other program's unscrambled on 28.2. Card sharer saysI should get all sky uk
  8. C


    hi there weve had problems with are dreambox freezing for 2 days. we phoned the sat man he says it must be are internet. had it checked by turkish telecom and they say its ok. any ideas done the usual checks. we have a moterized dish could it be that? its cracking me up and the sat man cant come...
  9. superpp

    Blackbox 500 Satellite Receiver

    Hi, For sale satellite receiver, it's a Blackbox 500. This is a new linux based receiver based on the classic dreambox 500s. Loaded with latest software. Only 2 months old. Box is in UK so ideal for anyone to take out to Turkey. £50 including UK postage.
  10. L

    dreambox - does yours work?????

    Does anyone have the dreambox system, if so, does yours work perfectly. Ours is not good, we keep losing channels, others break up , sky sports comes and goes. If you have a system and a server supplier that is good , can you advise who they are. Thanks
  11. Ian

    Dreambox and 90cm Sat dish

    Both for sale at 250 lira complete, all you do then is it make a subscription to whichever server you want to receive ITV/Sky/Ch4 etc.
  12. altinkum kev

    Subscription renewal Dave's dreambox

    Message from Dave today. Would all my customers that wish to renew with the service, please email me before making any payments to the shop or ozzy. I need to update records before money is exchanged. If you make payment and do not email me, this could result in a loss of service. If your...
  13. J

    Daves Dreambox

    Dave has asked me to ask anyone who looses channels to email him and also to email him when paying your renewals
  14. G

    dreambox in belek

    Hey guys, been looking at the posts for getting set up. I will be using a dreambox 500, already loaded with a test line from my man in the uk. would a 1.5m dish on top of my villa pick up all channels except bbc. Sports and movie channels can all be picked up with this size of dish Any help...
  15. Justin

    Akbuk dreambox

    Has anybody any information regarding dreambox suppliers in Akbuk? I went to see Javid Mert (Sorry if not spelt correctly) and he has assured me its a good system with no problems at all. I read last year that people had problems with it freezing but he says this is all sorted now. Thanks for...
  16. altinkum kev

    Daves Dreambox Didim

    Message from dave today. Just to let you know that monday 5th dec I have planned to upgrade the server, but will mean that between the hrs of 08.30 and 17.00 the service will be off I will most likely complete the work in far less time, but this way it covers any failure Appologies to all, but...
  17. altinkum kev

    Dreambox Didim only

    Anyone on Daves server that has lost TV it is because he is changing security settings those of you who have not contacted him need to email him and he will make the adjustments online to your box no need to take it anywhere and no costs involved. Please contact Dave on street.rat@live.co.uk
  18. G

    URGENT for people on Daves Dreambox server

    Hi All, I have had an urgent message from Dave about the service we receive from him..... he has to do a urgent security update to his servers which will mean all dreamboxes will require an update by him as done before...this can be done over the net via teamviewer by him if you contact him...
  19. SLEEPY


    Went into a electrical shop in Yalikavak yesterday to price having dream box installed.For hard ware (dream box, three dishes etc ) I was quoted 1200tl.In addition the yearly subscription was 150.GBP per year which would include all sky and digiturk channels. From what I have read here that...
  20. G

    Dreambox Update

    Hi All, Just had this from Dave for the attention to all on his server.. Over the next 2 weeks,all dreambox that are connected to my server, will have to undergo a security update. This will require the box taking to the shop so I can undertake the work required. The work will take no...
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