1. ibrahimwoah

    So being a pilot is a dream job of mine...

    However, I'm getting put off by all the cons of being one. Like how exhausted the pilot is allowed to be (working up to 16 hour shifts) and how you carry less fuel than you're comfortable with! Would Turkish Airlines be a good option for me? Do they offer reasonable rest periods. How's the...
  2. bickern

    Sturgeon’s dream of independent Scotland in TATTERS

    NICOLA Sturgeon’s hopes of an independent Scotland are looking increasingly unlikely as the country continues to suffer from a devastating oil slump. After promising the nation was strong enough to go alone and break from the United Kingdom, critics have mocked Ms Sturgeon following the...
  3. bal canavar

    A Turkish Summer Dream

    Worth a look 15 incredible UNESCO sites you didn't know were in Turkey 15 incredible UNESCO sites you didn't know were in Turkey A Turkish Summer Dream - YouTube
  4. bickern

    Is the SNP dream in tatters

    Oil is dropping like lead and where it will stop I haven't a clue but the SNPs figures that they tried to win a referendum on look to be a sickly now and many must be glad they did not vote to go for independence. Of course oil prices will at some stage start to increase but it has shown the...
  5. kale

    Another dream over

    Fingers crossed this has worked not good at this , This is my story in pictures 2005 -2013 it says it all Cheers Yvonne x
  6. S

    dream box nightmare

    would be grateful if someone could give me some helpful advice on the subject. have been usuing dreambox for about 6/7 years now tried a few service suppliers but all of them the quality seems to have deteriated for some reason or another. the recent loss of a lot of programs due to a change of...
  7. N

    dongle dream box

    can you run this DreamBox DM 500-S with turksell dongle does it plug in to box with the right softwear and get sky sports in altinkum?? thanks for any help
  8. John O' Dreams

    Dream Job

    Wanted: person for worst job in the world - PR director for Ryanair The worst job in the world is now up for grabs – as Michael O’Leary’s apologist with budget airline Ryanair. Even O’Leary has admitted that the position as head of communications with the Irish carrier is next to impossible...
  9. northpole

    My Dream ln Life

    My life dream is to buy over 10 acres of land to turn it into a nature reserve with many native trees and flowers in mind.The nature reserve would consist of a very large fish pond stocked up with many species of fish and many different types of lillies,grasses and weeping willow draping over...
  10. altinkum kev

    Daves Dream box Help page.

    Ok to help us all out if we have problems or just need a little advise Dave has set up a face book page to guide you,just click on . https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100003566984529 Well done Dave always one step ahead of the rest. Hope this link is allowed .
  11. merpip

    Dream box satellites ???

    hi done a search on the forum on this subject but couldn't find the info. Can anyone tell me what four satellites I should be looking at on my Dreambox??? cheers in advance Ron
  12. D

    Alpro Soy Dream

    We are looking for Alpro Soya Dream (a UK soy cream product). Can you buy this at Migros in Fethiye? If not, is there a local alternative product? Douglas
  13. A

    Dream Box Dave

    Yet more great service from this chap....Have been in the UK for 6 months and on return to Turkey on Friday...we had no electric no internet no phone and no dream box, the electric was sorted straight away, the internet was half working but the bill was 700tl nearly passed out, mad, cant...
  14. suzyq

    Family forced out of dream home after lawyers run off with their £400,000 live saving

    After finding their dream home, Gary Humphris and his family were delighted when their £400,000 cash offer was accepted. They moved into the four-bedroom property – complete with sauna, swimming pool and games room – straight away, and Mr Humphris set about spending the remaining £70,000 of...
  15. altinkum kev

    Dream boxes wanted

    Anyone out there have any dream boxes they want to sale please,in Didim area.
  16. Yalides

    What would be your dream job?

    I always wanted to be a Pilot. Crap eyesight put paid to that. And maybe a part time porn star......
  17. S

    Dream swap?

    Further to my post that as I simply adore Killarney I would eagerly swap my Turkish place for it is there anywhere,given the opportunity you would trade your Turkish home for?
  18. C

    Which Dream Box ?

    We are in Mahmutlar, we have a lot of problems with the internet from Turk Telekom. We are going to get a 5m dish, and will probably bring a dream box from the UK, can anyone advise what they consider to be the best model currently available.
  19. M

    Dream Over, ripped off by Huyesin Tavaci of Crystal Homes, Golden Crystal Homes

    As some of you who know us are aware, we have been battling in court for over three years to get our Tapu. I have not put this in the public domain before, as I was advised that our case could be jeopardised. Now, I don’t think it matters any more. We visited Turkey in October 2007 for a two...
  20. maggie

    Bob the Knobs dream .

    Home - Green Acres Kennels I know a lot of you have been asking about Bob and how things are going for him in Bulgaria. I would like to bring to your attention Bobs new venture which I believe is going extremely well for him. I know a few of you allways took great pleasure in trying to...
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