1. Sha Hoorsur

    Dreadful news

    Dreadful news, it was headlined on both BBC and ITV. You’ll never guess the tragedy that occurred in the South-east of England. “It was foggy this morning” Who would have thought such a thing could happen in November!!! Why it very nearly put me off my porridge. :eek::eek::eek:
  2. shirleyanntr

    dreadful bus crash near antalya

    A bus going from Alanya to Pamuukkale crashed this morning killing 16 people and injuring over 25.the accident happened near Aksu and the coach went off the road down a ravine and landed in the river. İt must have been terrifying for them. The coach was full of Russian tourists. What an tragedy...
  3. shirleyanntr

    dreadful bus crash in cappadochia

    33 people were killed in a traffic accident today....15 of them were children..they were on a school outing from izmir to Cappadochia when the coach collided with a lorry. 35 others were injured in the crash some of them seriously. apparently it was caused by the coach driver taking the wrong...
  4. R

    Dreadful Experİence

    My Wife and I decided to go to Indıa for three weeks leaving Antalya Jan.7th 2006.Sold my house in the UK for a much better than expected price and said"I will pay"Next we need a Viza so phone Indıan Embassy in Ankara and they say"you both must appear in person and after one week we will give...
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