1. Tenpin

    ‘Good Omens’ Draws Anger

    https://deadline.com/2019/06/good-omens-draws-angry-religious-group-petition-that-blames-the-wrong-streamer-1202635963/ The six-part series stars Michael Sheen and David Tennant. And I enjoyed it. 'Good Omens’ Draws Angry Religious Group Petition That Blames Wrong Streamer. The group, Return...
  2. pineapple1

    Winter Draws On !!!!

    Well i've washed all my thick fleecy socks , Thermal vests , Long johns , and Scarves ect , Theres a certain nip in the air , September is nearly here , I hope this winter isn't like the last one . All ice and snow . I also washed all the dog coats , And i've booked my flu jab . Don't forget...
  3. VWBug

    World's Second Largest Mosaic Museum In Hatay Draws Interest

    ANTAKYA/ADANA - Antakya Archeology Museum in southern city of Hatay which is the second largest mosaic museum of the world draws great attention of visitors. More than 34,000 artifacts are exhibited in the museum. Antakya Archeology Museum Curator Faruk Kilic told A.A, ''in the aspect of...
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