1. immac

    Maps - Free Downloads

    Many Turkish maps produced by government are restricted, but others are available free on their updated Web site. DonĀ“t get excited, there is nothing in the range of UK OS Maps. Site says: "Only unclassified products are releasable to individuals. Topomaps at scales 1/25 K,1/50 K and 1/100 K are...
  2. T

    wii downloads

    I don;t know much about this sort of thing but we have the (old style) wii game machine, now they have bought out the new wiiu games are not so readily available, can anyone tell me if games can be downloaded games onto a cd that can be used in the wii games? If yes can anyone give me simple...
  3. V

    End of Downloads???

    A High Court Judge has told BT it must block a website used for downloading movies. The move is seen as the first step in the UK of a major crackdown on piracy. BBC News - BT ordered to block pirate links
  4. ted j

    Fake antivirus downloads

    While helping my brother pick a decent (free) antivirus, I thought, I wonder how many fake ones there are out there, you know, "quick, download this, you're infected with 500 viruses and it's only $49.99 and will kill them all" (amazing how many are in dollars). Anyway, here's a page with a list...
  5. ceemac

    Music Downloads

    Can anyone tell me what the problem is here: When I download music to my computer for my mp3 player (the legal stuff of course!), the pictures of the album covers that come with it never appear on my player, just a bland picture of a disc. How do I configure to get the actual album sleeve to...
  6. P

    Downloads from utube.

    One of my favourite songs is The Eagles singing "Hotel California" I have just found two brilliant live versions on utube.The question is can they be downloaded to my itunes if so how,please.
  7. peter the postie

    Free movie & Cartoon downloads

    Grab some free downloads here and for newer stuff just register here
  8. keny

    Bbc Downloads

    Hello All, The BBC has just announced a new download for all of you who a PC/internet access.Go to can watch/download a 7day recording of all BBC programmes eastenders etc. Enjoy. Keny.
  9. F

    digital downloads

    I don't remember seeing anywhere in Kalkan where I can download digital photos - have I missed somewhere? Any further suggestions for storing/downloading 'millions' of photos I expect to take during my next visit? I have a 2GB memory card and will reduce the pixels to increase capacity. I...
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